7  GProCommission COSTA RICA meeting—San Jose, COSTA RICA
18  Dallas Theological Seminary Chapel—Dallas, TX
24-27  Encircle, Latin America Hub—PANAMA
29-31  GProCommission Team Meeting—Dallas, TX

1  RREACH Ministry Team Meeting—Dallas, TX

3  RREACH Board Meeting—Dallas, TX
9-10  Association for Biblical Higher Education meeting—Orlando, FL
17-18  Formal/Non-formal Pastoral Trainers meeting—Dallas, TX
28  GProCongress INDONESIA

1-3  GProCongress INDONESIA
3-10  Southeast Asia engagements
21-22  World Christianity Focus Week, Beeson Divinity School—Birmingham, AL

10-14  Encircle, Middle East Hub—CYPRUS

18-19  Greenville College, Breakfast with Fred Chapel—Greenville, IL
21-22  RREACH Board Meeting—Dallas, TX
25  Enoch Sirikul Remembrance/Vision Renewal Gathering—THAILAND

26-29  Finish of GPA Romania—ROMANIA

17-18  WEA Associate Members Summit/Consultation—Kona, HI

22-26  Leadership Development Consultation 2017—Chaing Mai, THAILAND

27-29  FMPB National Missionaries Conference—Coimbatore, INDIA

4-24  Dallas Global Proclamation Academy—Dallas, TX

11-16  Lausanne Global Mission Leaders discussion—Wittenberg, GERMANY
24  Dallas Global Proclamation Academy Graduation Banquet—Dallas, TX

26-28  Pastors Retreat—Undisclosed

19-20  Shadow Mountain Community Church—San Diego, CA

15  Dallas Baptist University Friday Symposium—Dallas, TX

21  2017  MissioNexus Mission Leaders Conference—Dallas, TX
22-23  RREACH Board Meeting—Dallas, TX

27-29  8th Kingdom Media Conference—New Delhi, INDIA

2-5  SAIAC Pastors Conference—Bangalore, INDIA

10-13  GACX Global Forum—Minneapolis, MN

8-9  RREACH Board Meeting—Dallas, TX

Ramesh’s role at Dallas Seminary is temporarily restructured in view of demands of the Global Proclamation Congress for Pastoral Trainers. Instead of semester-long teaching, he now serves in worldwide representation of the seminary as Professor of Global Theological Engagement and Pastoral Ministries. In addition to RREACH’s organizational demands, numerous speaking engagements and ministry projects continue to develop throughout the year, including possible presence at national GPAS. Due to the nature of overseas work, all dates, locations and formats are subject to change. Please pray for divine protection, competence and effectiveness on this servant and his family.