RREACH is a faith-based ministry that relies upon God for all sustaining provisions, including personnel. If you have a heart to serve and a desire to use your gifts and talents in a meaningful way that impacts eternity, we encourage you to consider the following employment opportunities. If you have any questions or want to apply for a position, please contact: David Brugger, Director of Operations.  

Administrative Assistant*

The Administrative Assistant serves RREACH by helping ensure ministry and office operations are accomplished in an efficient and productive manner that exemplifies attention to detail and excellence.  The Administrative Assistant works closely with the Director of Operations to accomplish the objectives of the position.  Special projects are also assigned.  All tasks and duties are to be conducted in a professional manner that yields results and glorifies God at all times.

Position Objective:

The purpose of the Administrative Assistant position is to provide outstanding implementation, execution, support, and initiative with all ministry areas.

Qualifications, Personal:

  1. Born-again Christian that seeks an ever closer relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ
  2. Reflects the characteristics of our Lord Jesus Christ in his/her life
  3. Committed to and regularly participates with an evangelical body of believers
  4. Exhibits characteristics of honesty, integrity, accountability and maturity
  5. Maintains a teachable spirit
  6. Strong and effective communication skills

Qualifications, Professional:

  1. Committed to supporting the mission of RREACH and the ministry of Dr. Richard
  2. Ability to maintain high standards of excellence in all professional duties
  3. Routinely seeks excellence, quality, efficiency and results
  4. Ability to work independently
  5. Ability to work well with a team with a positive spirit
  6. Ability to have a big picture comprehension with detail-oriented precision
  7. Ability to plan, maintain priorities and anticipate needs
  8. Ability to interact well with supervisory staff and others as needed
  9. Ability to accomplish multiple tasks in a timely manner
  10. Ability to operate under time and budgetary constraints
  11. Ability to maintain confidentiality
  12. Ability to self motivate
  13. Undergraduate degree

Position Description:

The Administrative Assistant will handle administrative tasks relating to all aspects of RREACH.

1. Serves as receptionist for the ministry
a) answers and appropriately handles all in-coming telephone calls
b) greets all guests and assist them in their visit
c) receives and handles mail and deliveries
d) at all times maintains a professional presence in the reception area
e) is able to speak about the mission and programs of RREACH to guests

2. Supports the Office of the President
a) assists with correspondence
b) maintains calendar/schedule
c) assists with travel needs
d) handles lunch preparations with guests
e) handles correspondence with DTS, including the President’s Reports
f) performs other duties as assigned

3. Supports the general office operations
a) maintains office supplies
b) assists with the preparation of mailings
c) assists in entering, maintaining, and retrieving donor information
d) handles out-going mail and shipments
e) assists with the preparation of events
f) works on projects as directed

4. Performs miscellaneous administrative duties
a) ensures the office is presentable at all times
b) ensures the kitchen area is clean, stocked, and maintained
c) performs errands on behalf of the ministry as directed
d) attends and participates in ministry functions
e) maintains updated staff and Board member address listings
f) assists with mailings to Board members
g) takes minutes of meetings as directed
h) assists with record-keeping
i) performs other duties as assigned

5. Performs ministry duties
a) assists with the Dallas GPA duties as assigned
b) assists with Media Outreach duties as assigned
c) assists with GProCommission duties as assigned
d) helps with the planning and implementation of meetings and events
e) performs other duties as assigned

Decision Making:

The Administrative Assistant will support and implement all administrative and ministry projects as needed and directed by the Director of Operations.


The Administrative Assistant does not oversee other staff.

Reporting Duties:

The Administrative Assistant reports to the Director of Operations.

Working Conditions:

Normal office working conditions.

* This position description is a general statement of required major duties and responsibilities performed on a regular basis. It is not intended to be a comprehensive listing of all expected duties, as other tasks may be assigned.