iA.S.K: Messaging God

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August 2017 by Ramesh Richard The ubiquitous “i” prefix stands for words like internet and innovation. It has also turned us inward, arousing self-centeredness and exhibitionism through selfies and social media. But altruistic verbs like care or love can sanctify the “i” pronoun in front of them. I recently addressed a thousand missionaries characterized by iGive [...]

Memo: My Fellow Morons, Need Wisdom?

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March 2017 by Ramesh Richard Moron! Remember that playground epithet that you used to heave affectionately at good friends? It’s actually a biblical word for those who • believe there is no God (Ps 14:1), • do life without God (Rom 1:21–22), and • hear Jesus’ words but do not do them (Mt 7:24–27). Add these [...]

The Christianity Thing: Starting Afresh in the New Year

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January 2017 by Ramesh Richard At the beginning of each year, I eagerly welcome English theologian-philosopher G.K. Chesterton’s insight: “The object of a New Year is not that we should have a new year. It is that we should have a new soul.” He continues his metaphysical comment with a calling to a total renewal [...]

Is Lesser Evil a Greater Good?

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October 2016 U.S. Elections: Guidance, Comfort, Wisdom by Ramesh Richard It used to be easier to vote for presidents. Or to choose to vote at all. Believers would look for candidates most aligned with our (hopefully) biblically informed views and vote in good conscience. Yes, we experienced internal conflict about colliding priorities, but we could [...]

Stay Found: Your New Year’s Guide

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January 2016 by Ramesh Richard In her book Staying Found: The Complete Map and Compass Handbook, June Fleming suggests various ways hikers can master the skills of "wilderness route finding"—learning how to get around in the wild. By this she means, "Not just carrying a map and compass because they’re on every book’s list of [...]

Passive Unbelief

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August 2013 by Ramesh Richard Disbelieving the God in whom I believe is likely the most paradoxical of all my sins. My only comfort in this public acknowledgment of a private pitfall is that I am not alone. But that doesn’t make it any less a sin. This morning I wrote ten characteristics of typical [...]

Business Card Theology

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January 2013 by Ramesh Richard Exchanging business cards has become as natural as an introductory or parting handshake. I carry three kinds of business cards: one with information for Christian believers, another with an elegant design I use for opinion leaders, and the last with simple black text on cotton-rich white stock I give to [...]

Bulwark in Chaos

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October 2012 by Ramesh Richard Scaled-back expectations, election-year disquiet and flagging spirits prompted this opening line in my newspaper today: “The global economic outlook is more uncertain than at the start of the crisis in late 2008.” The journalist noted it was harder to predict what would happen to the global economy over the coming [...]

Only God

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October 2012 by Ramesh Richard “Only God” is the best way to explain RREACH—our very existence and ministry execution—over our first quarter century, these last 25 years. When signing letters inviting friends to celebrate this anniversary with us, I was overwhelmed by two sacred facts: Fact 1—Survival: That RREACH exists at all! The old song [...]

Tweets on Life and Leadership

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April 2012 by Ramesh Richard You’ve heard about “Twitter.” Ever tweeted? I used to think only birds did that: chirp, tweet and chatter. Twitter connects “followers’” with “pursuers” through real-time bursts of information (usually 140 characters long). At a superficial level, silly “bites” of information are sent to followers—like, “I’m drinking Costa Rican coffee this [...]