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August 2017 by Ramesh Richard The ubiquitous “i” prefix stands for words like internet and innovation. It has also turned us inward, arousing self-centeredness and exhibitionism through selfies and social media. But altruistic verbs like care or love can sanctify the “i” pronoun in front of [...]


March 2017 by Ramesh Richard Moron! Remember that playground epithet that you used to heave affectionately at good friends? It’s actually a biblical word for those who • believe there is no God (Ps 14:1), • do life without God (Rom 1:21–22), and • hear Jesus’ [...]


January 2017 by Ramesh Richard At the beginning of each year, I eagerly welcome English theologian-philosopher G.K. Chesterton’s insight: “The object of a New Year is not that we should have a new year. It is that we should have a new soul.” He continues [...]


by Ramesh Richard October 2016 U.S. Elections: Guidance, Comfort, Wisdom It used to be easier to vote for presidents. Or to choose to vote at all. Believers would look for candidates most aligned with our (hopefully) biblically informed views and vote in good conscience. Yes, [...]


January 2016 by Ramesh Richard In her book Staying Found: The Complete Map and Compass Handbook, June Fleming suggests various ways hikers can master the skills of "wilderness route finding"—learning how to get around in the wild. By this she means, "Not just carrying a [...]


October 2015 by Ramesh Richard Pastoral health affects church health; church health affects societal health. This statement can be upheld as biblically true and theologically valid. Can it also be strategically critical for global ministry today? In this article, I consider the strategic priority of [...]


August 2015 by Ramesh Richard Steam locomotives fill my earliest memories of family travel in southern India. Those fire-breathing engines required frequent stops to replenish the fuel and water. The sound and sights of whistle, steam and smoke fascinated me. Steam engineers controlled the start, [...]


January 2015 by Ramesh Richard The Middle East is arguably the nerve center of the world’s future. Dr. Ramesh Richard traveled to the region earlier this year, and in a recent interview with The Christian Post, provided some biblical and theological perspective on the escalating situation. [...]


October 2014 by Ramesh Richard “I am a self-made man,” the braggart claimed. To which a child asked, “Why did you make yourself like this?”  I write this article fresh off a 12-day, five-country trip—three of those countries in the chaotic Middle East. I, too, [...]


July 2014 by Ramesh Richard Just before a quarterly board meeting that would close out 2013, Dr. Ramesh Richard wrote the RREACH board of directors to deliver news they expected and at the same time hoped against. Under the subject line “Private: Manila closed,” Dr. [...]


April 2014 by Ramesh Richard Do you need a hard reset of a sluggish spiritual life? Since we are quite like each other, my suspicion is that you again wish to restart spiritually. George Sweeting of Moody Bible Institute once noted, “The secret to victorious [...]


January 2014 by Ramesh Richard It was Mrs. Roberts, my 5th grade teacher, who first piqued my interest in the Bible. Although strict and stern—her face resembled the introduction to Lamentations—she came alive in Bible class, rousing our participation by assigning Bible verses to memorize for tests [...]