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“God goes to any length to reach one person,” Ramesh says. He travels the world to personally share the hope found in the Lord Jesus Christ with wide-ranging audiences, from preChristian corporate heads in Singapore to restaurant workers along the beach in Montenegro. Throughout RREACH’s existence, Dr. Richard has delivered evangelistic talks targeted at society’s [...]

Preaching and Teaching

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The Church is experiencing explosive growth in many regions around the world. Most pastors, however, are unable to pursue the training they need. RREACH sponsors conferences to train these eager but undertrained pastors to preach, lead and think biblically. The Lord has thus far given Ramesh the opportunity to train thousands of church leaders in [...]

Speaking requests

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In demand as a speaker at churches, ministry conferences and discipleship/Bible studies around the world, Ramesh also encourages conference organizers to hold companion evangelistic events and makes himself available to speak at them. If you are interested in having Ramesh Richard speak at a pastors conference or event, please contact us at .

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