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RREACH honors our dependence on God by beginning, covering and ending every aspect of ministry in prayer. Join us in seeking the Lord’s will for Dr. Richard and RREACH, and share your own requests and encouragements with us, too! Sign up to receive regular prayer updates. Or, join Dr. Richard for PRAYERREACH, a quick, 45-minute virtual [...]


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Knowing that projects are costly and money is scarce, RREACH looks for the best investment value of Christian resources within our vision and mission. Charity Navigator’s unsolicited recognition of RREACH in 2018 as the nation’s highest ranked “religious” organization was an unexpected surprise that garnered our humble gratitude. If you should feel led to financially [...]


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Hands and hearts willing to serve are welcome contributions to RREACH’s ministry.  Most opportunities relate to the annual Dallas GPA in June, but other opportunities arise as well. Learn more...

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