Enfolded: A Quadrangle of Safety | Psalm

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The Enfolded Enfolded: A Quadrangle Of Safety | Psalm 91 by Ramesh Richard “Who can forget Mrs. Roberts?” My fifth-grade teacher held a class contest to memorize Psalm 91. After the elocution competition, in typical Indian reverse psychology (i.e., not for her benefit), Mrs. Roberts spurred me into a lifetime [...]

Have you seen Dr. Richard’s newest release?

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Theology—the study of God—can be found in any space, from virtual to actual. That is to say, nothing is removed from theology; it reaches out and touches everything. Dr. Richard is connecting with a new vast audience about the God of the Bible by entering the space of a new trend, the “reaction video,” with [...]

CARES Act Charitable Donation Provisions

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Are you US citizen? Find out even more ways to give via the CARES Act and IRA Charitable Contributions. CARES Act Charitable Donation Provisions (US only) The charitable donation provisions of the CARES Act have been extended into 2021, with some improvements. Did you know? Even if you do not itemize deductions on your federal [...]

Being Strong …

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Recently, Dr. Richard had the opportunity to virtually address social media followers of entrepreneur and inspirational speaker Francis Kong about "Being Strong in Times of Difficulty." RREACH's exposure is growing as our expenses shrink. About 1,100 tuned in for the talk, which has since been shared 435 times and has 34,000 views. You may also enjoy the [...]

Video Updates from national GPAs

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Pastors who attend the national GPAs are finding creative ways to maximize learning Dr. Richard's "Seven Steps" for expository preaching. One cohort came up with a rap version Rap de los Siete Pasos (English subtitles can be viewed by clicking the "CC" button). GPA Grenada did a reggae version entitled Preach the [...]

100 Praises

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Psalm 109:1 – “My God, whom I praise, do not remain silent” 100 PRAISES* Global Proclamation Congress for Pastoral Trainers June 15 – 22, 2015 Bangkok, Thailand, D.V. Global Proclamation Commission (2010-2020) idea Mid-decade GProCongress vision Focus on Gospel proclamation The Congress is an integrated, not isolated event God moves nature to change location Global [...]


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(cont'd) Christian efforts have often neglected reaching into the upper economic tier of society, so RREACH mixes special events, television, audio, radio, literature and the Internet to expose opinion leaders—people of influence and affluence—to the Gospel. Reaching this audience facilitates deep impact into their spheres of influence. Again, RREACH personally follows up with those [...]

Fourth-Day Man

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Even with his itinerant ministry grounded, many are asking Dr. Richard for virtual messages to encourage their congregations or other groups. Click to watch Fourth-Day Man, recently delivered virtually to Delhi Bible Fellowship. Your gifts to RREACH’s operations budget not only allow the production of these messages, but also efforts to repurpose them as Bible [...]

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