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2017 – Peace

“Peace, peace, peace!” It is a question that is universally asked and personally pursued: “How do I find peace without going to pieces?”

2016 – The Corruptionist

In a world full of financial distress, hopeless political circumstances, hurting relationships and cries for help that appear to go unnoticed, it is easy to see how everything appears to be corrupted. Each month’s short video explains human corruption: where it came from, where we can find hope, and how we can live in the midst of corrupt circumstances. Learn more at

2015 – Are You Forgiven

Do you need forgiveness? Are you sure about your answer? Find out about forgiveness and if you need it or not. Learn more at

2014 – Who Can Save Your Life Today

2014 saw 135,223 unique visitors. Of these, 7,258 indicated a “yes” decision, and 1,475 sent us a follow-up email explaining their decision

–200 of them trusted Christ for the first time.

2013 – You 2.0: Upgrading Your Personal Identity

RREACH piloted a new strategy using the social network Facebook as a platform to reach some of its one billion users worldwide.

In two weeks, more than three million people were exposed to the message entitled “You 2.0: Upgrading Your Personal Identity.”

2012 – YRU Here?

This message was approached from a social networking angle but did not generate the quality or quantity of more expensive conventional media options.