RREACH current and former Board members and spouses pray over Dr. Richard prior to the 2013 Dallas GPA Graduation ceremony


Mrs. Shelby Barnette

Co-founder and President, Starr Aircraft Products, Inc.


Mr. Ronald W. Crosby

President and Chief Executive Officer, Wynn-Crosby


Mr. Burton French, Chairman

Executive Vice President, Grand Bank


Mr. Greg Glosser

Senior Vice President, The Glosser Group, RBC Wealth Management


Mr. Curtis Hoffman

Vice President, ORNTIC


Dr. William Lawrence

Founder and Director, Leader Formation International

Adjunct Professor, Dallas Theological Seminary


Mr. Walt Massey, Secretary

Founding Partner, Covalus


Dr. Ramesh Richard

Founder and President, RREACH

Professor of Global Theological Engagement and Pastoral Ministries, Dallas Theological Seminary