New Year’s Day Telecasts

2011 – Afterlife Guarantee

– 1,858 web site registrants

RREACH started using NEEDHIM instant chat feature that allowed registrants to chat live in their own languages with a follow-up evangelist.

2010 – How 2 Get 2 Hell

– 621 web site registrants was in the top 1% of all web traffic in the first quarter of 2010.

2009 – Beyond Happiness

– 2,987 web site registrants

RREACH used 30-second “soul breaks” (like commercial breaks) on international television to drive people to the full message online.

2008 – Self Entrapment

– 2,884 web site registrants

Due to a network policy change, prime-time airing of this message was not possible—we moved to a Web-driven strategy.

2007 – Life After Death

 – 6,437 web site registrants

RREACH added regional online advertising through Google keyword search, and

2006 – Soul Hole

– 7,456 web site registrants

RREACH’s website had the most registrants since its inception!

2005 – Successful Success

– 4,441 web site registrants

RREACH started partnering with NEEDHIM for follow-up.

2004 – Kill Death

– 4,537 web site registrants

Due to an administrative glitch India did not see the
message on January 1.

God redeemed the error by allowing it to be shown over the Easter weekend.

2003 – UnMasked

– 6,071 web site registrants

This message was also aired on Sunday, January 19, 2003, on FOX TV in New York City, Dallas, TX, and Washington, DC, and on Easter Sunday in Buffalo, NY, Detroit, MI,  Honolulu, HI, Seattle, WA, and Toronto, Canada.

2002 – Get Found

– 6,342 web site registrants

356 enrolled in an online Bible study.

2001 – Bridging Life’s Expectation-Reality

– 4,798 web site registrants

There were over 160,000 hits to the website within the first three days!

2000 – Life Foundations for the New Millennium

– 2,400 web site registrants

The first response received was from North Korea, likely the President’s interpreter.