Ramesh Richard’s Gifting

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At his core Ramesh is, in his own words, an “open-market proclaimer.” RREACH implements his gifting and calling to promote the Lord Jesus Christ worldwide by sustaining his prodigious and strategic teaching, preaching, speaking and writing obligations. In 2018, Dr. Richard addressed 26,206 individuals and 143 of them professed faith in the Lord Jesus.


“God goes to any length to reach one person,” Ramesh says. He travels the world to personally share the hope found in the Lord Jesus Christ with wide-ranging audiences, from preChristian corporate heads in Singapore to restaurant workers along the beach in Montenegro. 

Events: RREACH hosts special events to which unbelieving opinion leaders are personally invited by friends to hear Dr. Ramesh Richard speak on life topics. Personalized follow-up is a hallmark of these endeavors.

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Media: RREACH uses the power and versatility of technology and social media to begin and nurture spiritual conversations with English-speaking, Internet-connected audiences. Many of these individuals live in previously unreachable areas.

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Pre-Evangelistic Talks

Christian efforts have often neglected reaching into the upper economic tier of society, so RREACH mixes special events, television, audio, radio, literature and the Internet to expose opinion leaders—people of influence and affluence—to the Gospel. Reaching this audience facilitates deep impact into their spheres of influence. Again, RREACH personally follows up with those who show interest.

In addition to over three decades of teaching at Dallas Theological Seminary, Dr. Richard maintains a busy, year-round preaching, teaching and writing schedule. His personal proclamation of the Lord Jesus Christ results in strengthening pastoral leaders of the church and evangelizing the opinion leaders of society, especially in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

africa-flag-map Throughout RREACH’s existence, Dr. Richard has delivered evangelistic talks targeted at society’s unbelieving decision-makers in more than 66 cities in 35 countries.

In 2006 Dr. Richard addressed the fourth annual Africa Union Heads of State Prayer Breakfast with 53 nations’ presidents/heads of state, secretaries of state and ambassadors.

On September 16, 2008, Dr. Richard addressed an audience of 200 ambassadors and world leaders as the keynote speaker for the 23rd Annual International Prayer Breakfast at the United Nations in New York City. Financial giant Lehman Brothers shut its doors the day prior, setting off a chain of events that would label September 16 as the birth date of the latest economic crisis.

Teaching and Preaching

BD 2008 1 37 Pastoral training:  The Church is experiencing explosive growth in many regions around the world. Most pastors, however, are unable to pursue the training they need. RREACH sponsors conferences to train these eager but undertrained pastors to preach, lead and think biblically. The Lord has thus far given Ramesh opportunity to train thousands of church leaders in over 90 countries.

RREACH also founded (and Ramesh chairs) Trainers of Pastors International Coalition (TOPIC) to ensure the long-term effect of these efforts. TOPIC follows up and connects with 300 nonformal pastoral training organizations to nurture church health worldwide.

Speaking engagements:  In demand as a speaker at churches, ministry conferences and discipleship/Bible studies around the world, Ramesh also encourages conference organizers to hold companion evangelistic events and makes himself available to speak at them.

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Dr. Richard’s teachings on spiritual formation and transformation are relevant for individuals at any point along their journey. Resources from his Intentional Life trilogy to his award-winning expository preaching book to thought-provoking messages on life issues are available in multiple formats.

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