Project Description

More individuals, followers of the Lord Jesus Christ,
and new churches populate the world today than ever before

Dr. Ramesh Richard and many other fine leaders and ministries have been working tirelessly to provide training for the world’s estimated 2+ million seriously under-trained pastors. Yet, the continuing growth of the church presents a staggering need for even more trained pastors. How can we accelerate delivery and continue to improve the quality of training that pastors desperately want and need?

The Lausanne Global Analysis recently published an article Dr. Richard wrote addressing this challenge. RREACH has republished the article in our final RR Crossing of 2015. We invite you to read and to think carefully about the implications of the global ministry strategy Dr. Richard lays out in it.

Click here to read the full Q4 2015 RR Crossing newsletter.

Other contents include:

  • GProCommission Timeline
  • How reading Preparing Expository Sermons led one man to Christ
  • Ways to pray