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Guidance, comfort and wisdom during U.S. elections from international Christians, a joyous GPA reunion, and more in the latest RR Crossing newsletter!

“To me, this election seems poised to launch larger and longer consequences for the nation than ever before. This presidential election seems as existentially confusing as it is historically critical because neither candidate fully aligns with my views and both seem unworthy of my trust…But I need not wring my hands in fret and doubt. Why? We are not the only ones facing all-important elections this year…Christians from other nations regularly face the dilemma of the ‘devil and the deep blue sea.’ These fellow believers offer us some guidance, comfort and wisdom.”

To read Ramesh’s full article (1400 words), click here.

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Also included in this RR Crossing:

  • Joyous GPA reunions in Bangkok
  • Dallas and national GPAs kick off again in 2017
  • Ramesh’s recuperation, resuscitation and revitalization