Is Lesser Evil a Greater Good?

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October 2016 U.S. Elections: Guidance, Comfort, Wisdom by Ramesh Richard It used to be easier to vote for presidents. Or to choose to vote at all. Believers would look for candidates most aligned with our (hopefully) biblically informed views and vote in good conscience. Yes, we experienced internal conflict about colliding priorities, but we could [...]

Is God Pro-American? A Post-Election Reflection

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November 5, 2008 by Ramesh Richard America’s democratic selection of a young, non-white, appealing and gifted visionary with a non-traditional name (including a Muslim middle name) has set off layers of responses worldwide. Here is mine, from a somewhat globally exposed and theologically engaged perspective. First, heartiest congratulations go to America, my adoptive homeland for living consistently with our [...]

WORLD-GAINERS: 23rd UN International Prayer Breakfast

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New York, New York September 16, 2008 by Ramesh Richard PhD, ThD Greetings & good morning! I am pleased and privileged for this opportunity of audience with you—distinguished leaders, who represent your nations on the global stage, and with special recognition to our host, His Excellency, President of the UN General Assembly, as well as [...]

“Will anything ever be the same again?”

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October 1, 2001 Prayer letter by Ramesh Richard My dear friend: “Will anything ever be the same again?”—the question of the hour for the still-new century haunts us. Our team of speakers and colleagues at the Pastors Bookshop conference in hot and humid New Delhi were sipping a cold drink when we heard America dialing [...]