Salvation Grammar: Reformations’ Nouns & Prepositions

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  October 2017 by Ramesh Richard Over its first 1,300 years, "Christianity" increasingly separated from the Bible and developed a salvation grammar of its own. The Faith dislodged itself from the parameters of the Scripture’s epistemological (i.e., how we know what we know) foundation. The nouns of salvation were the same—grace, faith, works—except their meaning had [...]

The Christianity Thing: Starting Afresh in the New Year

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January 2017 by Ramesh Richard At the beginning of each year, I eagerly welcome English theologian-philosopher G.K. Chesterton’s insight: “The object of a New Year is not that we should have a new year. It is that we should have a new soul.” He continues his metaphysical comment with a calling to a total renewal [...]

Four Global Realities and One Global Ministry Strategy

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October 2015 by Ramesh Richard Pastoral health affects church health; church health affects societal health. This statement can be upheld as biblically true and theologically valid. Can it also be strategically critical for global ministry today? In this article, I consider the strategic priority of the training of pastors for intentional global ministry and missions [...]

Reflections on the Middle East

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January 2015 by Ramesh Richard The Middle East is arguably the nerve center of the world’s future. Dr. Ramesh Richard traveled to the region earlier this year, and in a recent interview with The Christian Post, provided some biblical and theological perspective on the escalating situation. The interview, which includes a five-fold grid for the western [...]

Seven Quick Reflections on “the Passion” Movie

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February 2004 by Ramesh Richard It did to me at 50, what it did to me at 5 when I first heard my mother describe the Cross—entering the story of my Savior with tears, thanks, and eventually personal trust. This movie refreshed that childhood experience. The crustiness of adulthood had managed to cover up the [...]

Fly Again! Overcoming Spiritual Fatigue

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October 1999 by Ramesh Richard Tired and grounded hot air balloons. Visiting the National Balloon Museum, my family came upon a modest but creative display of an interesting sport covering two centuries. Initially paper bags filled with hot air were launched in the air. Subsequently a duck, a sheep, and a rooster, were sent up to [...]

Mishap or Happening: Discovering Your Part in the Eternal Drama

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April 1998 by Ramesh Richard “Does God play dice with the universe?” asked Mr. Einstein. He couldn’t bring himself to an unqualified “yes” to that question. My question is more personal: Does God play dice with your life? At a visceral level, life seems to be random, alternating between good and bad, joy and sorrow, [...]

Really Man or Merely Man? The Virgin Birth and Jesus

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December 1995 by Ramesh Richard A most unusual entry for the eternal Jesus Christ into his humanity separates him from the rest of us. I begin with two unbiblical views on a most critical part of the Christian story and Christ’s history. How Does the World View the Birth of Jesus? 1) “Jesus came through [...]

The Credible Monarch

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December 1994 by Ramesh Richard The country needs “a credible monarch,” opined my lunch host in the United Arab Emirates. He was referring to a neighboring country where he moiled and toiled for several years. “Would you explain?” I pumped him. “The country is divided into royalty and citizenry. The royal family has no contact [...]