iA.S.K: Messaging God

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August 2017 by Ramesh Richard The ubiquitous “i” prefix stands for words like internet and innovation. It has also turned us inward, arousing self-centeredness and exhibitionism through selfies and social media. But altruistic verbs like care or love can sanctify the “i” pronoun in front of them. I recently addressed a thousand missionaries characterized by iGive [...]

Memo: My Fellow Morons, Need Wisdom?

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March 2017 by Ramesh Richard Moron! Remember that playground epithet that you used to heave affectionately at good friends? It’s actually a biblical word for those who • believe there is no God (Ps 14:1), • do life without God (Rom 1:21–22), and • hear Jesus’ words but do not do them (Mt 7:24–27). Add these [...]

Stay Found: Your New Year’s Guide

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January 2016 by Ramesh Richard In her book Staying Found: The Complete Map and Compass Handbook, June Fleming suggests various ways hikers can master the skills of "wilderness route finding"—learning how to get around in the wild. By this she means, "Not just carrying a map and compass because they’re on every book’s list of [...]

The Vertical Adventure: Climbing to Spiritual Heights

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April 2001 by Ramesh Richard Wall-climbing, literally and figuratively, drives me up a wall. This may be hard to believe, but after much convincing, I tried my hand at climbing a wall. A recreational sport marketed to the young and adventurous, wall-climbing requires sheer physical effort on one level, but on a gut level elicits frustration, [...]

Life Rocks: Framing Your Spiritual Priorities

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October 2000 by Ramesh Richard A time management expert carefully placed a dozen fist-sized rocks in a wide-mouthed, glass jar and asked his audience of business professionals “Is the jar full? “Yes,” they replied.  “Really?” He poured a pail full of gravel into the jar. As he shook the container, the gravel found spaces to lodge [...]

Columns In The Caverns: Truths for Daily Transformation

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October 1998  by Ramesh Richard My family and I recently experience a colossal hole in the earth “deep in the heart of Texas.” Looming beneath us was a magnificent cave just discovered in 1963 during the construction of a major highway. The Inner Space Caverns boast extraordinary cave drapery. Dramatic formations mesmerize you. Only the [...]

AweZambezi! Awesome Grace!

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March 2017 by Ramesh Richard Awesome. My teenage kids use that adjective too often. Everything from pizza to nice weather casually qualifies as awesome. I gently as my “pre-people” to be more discriminate in its use. Basically an exclamation, the word conveys joy, celebration, and mystery. But most of all, it attaches to something that defies [...]