Is Lesser Evil a Greater Good?

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October 2016 U.S. Elections: Guidance, Comfort, Wisdom by Ramesh Richard It used to be easier to vote for presidents. Or to choose to vote at all. Believers would look for candidates most aligned with our (hopefully) biblically informed views and vote in good conscience. Yes, we experienced internal conflict about colliding priorities, but we could [...]

Four Global Realities and One Global Ministry Strategy

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October 2015 by Ramesh Richard Pastoral health affects church health; church health affects societal health. This statement can be upheld as biblically true and theologically valid. Can it also be strategically critical for global ministry today? In this article, I consider the strategic priority of the training of pastors for intentional global ministry and missions [...]

“Tribrid:” Fuel for Leadership

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August 2015 by Ramesh Richard Steam locomotives fill my earliest memories of family travel in southern India. Those fire-breathing engines required frequent stops to replenish the fuel and water. The sound and sights of whistle, steam and smoke fascinated me. Steam engineers controlled the start, the stop and the speed. The firemen fed the fire [...]

Passive Unbelief

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August 2013 by Ramesh Richard Disbelieving the God in whom I believe is likely the most paradoxical of all my sins. My only comfort in this public acknowledgment of a private pitfall is that I am not alone. But that doesn’t make it any less a sin. This morning I wrote ten characteristics of typical [...]

Tweets on Life and Leadership

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April 2012 by Ramesh Richard You’ve heard about “Twitter.” Ever tweeted? I used to think only birds did that: chirp, tweet and chatter. Twitter connects “followers’” with “pursuers” through real-time bursts of information (usually 140 characters long). At a superficial level, silly “bites” of information are sent to followers—like, “I’m drinking Costa Rican coffee this [...]

Leadership: A third person view

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April 2011 by Ramesh Richard Leadership—an abstract concept applied daily in a dozen contexts—needs direction more than definition. On the hazardous path from idea to execution lay many an unexpected explosive device. Yet, in spite of the loneliness and dangers of leadership, the sensing and seizing of opportunities brings its own rewards: honor to God, [...]

Discerning Your Motives

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October 2010 by Ramesh Richard The quality of spiritual life and ministry leadership relates more to motives than performance. It is at the level of motives that we excel or fail, that we please God or ourselves, and all while obeying Scripture—whether worshiping God, serving people, sacrificing rights, even suffering for Christ. Our motives affect [...]

Launching The Global Proclamation Commission: A 2010 Strategic Reunion

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April 2010 by Ramesh Richard The Global Proclamation Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ is unambiguous, “repentance and forgiveness is to be proclaimed in His name to all nations” (Luke 24:47). The spiritual need has never been greater. Explosive population growth is pushing seven billion. Christ’s church is growing exponentially in Asia, Africa, and Latin [...]

FAIL SAFE: Facing Failure Successfully

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April 2009 by Ramesh Richard Article Summary: This 8-page article speaks to the niche audience of Christian CEOs, business owners, entrepreneurs, and other leaders who like to persevere and do not like to fail. They haven’t yet failed, but realistically anticipate its likelihood. The author suggests spiritual and practical ways to “fail safely.” The spirituality of approaching the good [...]

It’s Esther Time

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April 2009 by Ramesh Richard The speed and the spread of the gloom and doom has been unexpected, yes, unnerving. A plane-load of humans has crash-landed into a cold, scary river of the global economic crisis. The minds and mouths of world leaders are rightly preoccupied with rescue options. Except they are inside the plane with [...]