Four Global Realities and One Global Ministry Strategy

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October 2015 by Ramesh Richard Pastoral health affects church health; church health affects societal health. This statement can be upheld as biblically true and theologically valid. Can it also be strategically critical for global ministry today? In this article, I consider the strategic priority of the training of pastors for intentional global ministry and missions [...]

The Ministry Problematic

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October 2008 by Ramesh Richard Unlikely victims . . . that’s often who we are: imprisoned in social realities we did not create and in global realities we cannot control. Yet we are called to minister for Christ inside these difficult realities, to fulfill God’s plan for the world and His role for us. I’d [...]


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January 2007 by Ramesh Richard My first public communication of 2007 is only partly devotional and partly a declaration of our perpetual vision and continual action. I ask that you read on to catch on. Each New Year, RREACH declares a Bible verse to focus and govern our upcoming months of ministry. This time, not [...]