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Power Points from Pain Points

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    December 2017 by Ramesh Richard The number one request I receive after classes is simply: "Can we have your PowerPoint?" You know PowerPoint presentations have become ubiquitous for communicators. To visually oriented audiences, PowerPoint slides help move a presentation forward, aid comprehension and enhance memory of major points. Traveling to remote places as I [...]

Salvation Grammar: Reformations’ Nouns & Prepositions

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  October 2017 by Ramesh Richard Over its first 1,300 years, "Christianity" increasingly separated from the Bible and developed a salvation grammar of its own. The Faith dislodged itself from the parameters of the Scripture’s epistemological (i.e., how we know what we know) foundation. The nouns of salvation were the same—grace, faith, works—except their meaning had [...]

iA.S.K: Messaging God

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August 2017 by Ramesh Richard The ubiquitous “i” prefix stands for words like internet and innovation. It has also turned us inward, arousing self-centeredness and exhibitionism through selfies and social media. But altruistic verbs like care or love can sanctify the “i” pronoun in front of them. I recently addressed a thousand missionaries characterized by iGive [...]

Tweets on Life and Leadership

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April 2012 by Ramesh Richard You’ve heard about “Twitter.” Ever tweeted? I used to think only birds did that: chirp, tweet and chatter. Twitter connects “followers’” with “pursuers” through real-time bursts of information (usually 140 characters long). At a superficial level, silly “bites” of information are sent to followers—like, “I’m drinking Costa Rican coffee this [...]


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January 2012 by Ramesh Richard IT—probably most known as a one-syllable short form for eight! In-for-ma-tion Tech-no-lo-gy, or for whatever you want to do in expensive tennis shoes—“just do it.” Actually, “it” can represent any thing—really anything. The prior context of “it,” stated or unstated, immediate and larger, comes into play in understanding its meaning. [...]

Discerning Your Motives

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October 2010 by Ramesh Richard The quality of spiritual life and ministry leadership relates more to motives than performance. It is at the level of motives that we excel or fail, that we please God or ourselves, and all while obeying Scripture—whether worshiping God, serving people, sacrificing rights, even suffering for Christ. Our motives affect [...]

A “Baaaad” View of Sin

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January 2004 by Ramesh Richard The century-old Paris underground Metro has evoked complaints of bad odors since the day it opened. For decades transportation officials have attempted to conquer the pungent smells "of bacteria, vomit, ozone, burning rubber, and toasted wood" by adding various perfumes to the cleaning agents. After years of research, one and [...]

Living Thanksgiving

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November 2003 by Ramesh Richard  "Hostile dependence"—a psychology phrase—describes a person who must depend on some one else but doesn't like it. That's a tension. You may not like the person, the nature of their gifts, nor the fact of your dependence on them, but there is no option: you are dependent on another and you don't like your [...]

The Vertical Adventure: Climbing to Spiritual Heights

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April 2001 by Ramesh Richard Wall-climbing, literally and figuratively, drives me up a wall. This may be hard to believe, but after much convincing, I tried my hand at climbing a wall. A recreational sport marketed to the young and adventurous, wall-climbing requires sheer physical effort on one level, but on a gut level elicits frustration, [...]

Life Rocks: Framing Your Spiritual Priorities

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October 2000 by Ramesh Richard A time management expert carefully placed a dozen fist-sized rocks in a wide-mouthed, glass jar and asked his audience of business professionals “Is the jar full? “Yes,” they replied.  “Really?” He poured a pail full of gravel into the jar. As he shook the container, the gravel found spaces to lodge [...]