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iA.S.K: Messaging God

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August 2017 by Ramesh Richard The ubiquitous “i” prefix stands for words like internet and innovation. It has also turned us inward, arousing self-centeredness and exhibitionism through selfies and social media. But altruistic verbs like care or love can sanctify the “i” pronoun in front of them. I recently addressed a thousand missionaries characterized by iGive [...]

“Tribrid:” Fuel for Leadership

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August 2015 by Ramesh Richard Steam locomotives fill my earliest memories of family travel in southern India. Those fire-breathing engines required frequent stops to replenish the fuel and water. The sound and sights of whistle, steam and smoke fascinated me. Steam engineers controlled the start, the stop and the speed. The firemen fed the fire [...]

Passive Unbelief

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August 2013 by Ramesh Richard Disbelieving the God in whom I believe is likely the most paradoxical of all my sins. My only comfort in this public acknowledgment of a private pitfall is that I am not alone. But that doesn’t make it any less a sin. This morning I wrote ten characteristics of typical [...]

Do Jews, Christians, and Muslims Worship the Same God?

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November 2001 by Ramesh Richard "God"—an overstuffed notion that evokes all kinds of meanings is also an over-used noun. If we played a word-association game, you will fill "God" with all sorts of meanings, some unique to your own life. I saw that generic-God described on a T-shirt: God is like: Coke—He is the real [...]

The Silence of God in the Details of Life

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March 1995 by Ramesh  Richard (A shortened version of this article appeared in Jan. ’95 Decision Magazine) Sandra lost her two-year-old son a few months before her husband was diagnosed as dying with cancer. She wonders, “Does God know what is happening in my life?” The family of an Indian pastor brutally butchered for the [...]