Memo: My Fellow Morons, Need Wisdom?

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March 2017 by Ramesh Richard Moron! Remember that playground epithet that you used to heave affectionately at good friends? It’s actually a biblical word for those who • believe there is no God (Ps 14:1), • do life without God (Rom 1:21–22), and • hear Jesus’ words but do not do them (Mt 7:24–27). Add these [...]

Columns In The Caverns: Truths for Daily Transformation

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October 1998  by Ramesh Richard My family and I recently experience a colossal hole in the earth “deep in the heart of Texas.” Looming beneath us was a magnificent cave just discovered in 1963 during the construction of a major highway. The Inner Space Caverns boast extraordinary cave drapery. Dramatic formations mesmerize you. Only the [...]