Four Global Realities and One Global Ministry Strategy

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October 2015 by Ramesh Richard Pastoral health affects church health; church health affects societal health. This statement can be upheld as biblically true and theologically valid. Can it also be strategically critical for global ministry today? In this article, I consider the strategic priority of the training of pastors for intentional global ministry and missions [...]

Very Best. For Many. Everywhere.

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The T. Nagar Market area pictured above is Chennai's busiest. This packed scene is normal throughout most days. Photo by McKay Savage from London, UK [CC-BY-2.0 (http://creative], via Wikimedia Commons April 2013 by Ramesh Richard I could not write this foreword from a better place than the land of my birth and the cities [...]

Bulwark in Chaos

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October 2012 by Ramesh Richard Scaled-back expectations, election-year disquiet and flagging spirits prompted this opening line in my newspaper today: “The global economic outlook is more uncertain than at the start of the crisis in late 2008.” The journalist noted it was harder to predict what would happen to the global economy over the coming [...]

“Will anything ever be the same again?”

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October 1, 2001 Prayer letter by Ramesh Richard My dear friend: “Will anything ever be the same again?”—the question of the hour for the still-new century haunts us. Our team of speakers and colleagues at the Pastors Bookshop conference in hot and humid New Delhi were sipping a cold drink when we heard America dialing [...]

Christmas Rushes – Goodwill Gushes!

, , , December 1996 by Ramesh Richard Holiday sentiment is already invading our culture by late September. Fall foliage, weather change, and mail-order catalogs tell us that Christmas is right around the bend. Geese are getting fat, retailers are getting stocked, and children are practicing Jingle Bells on the family piano. You can check out this [...]

Really Man or Merely Man? The Virgin Birth and Jesus

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December 1995 by Ramesh Richard A most unusual entry for the eternal Jesus Christ into his humanity separates him from the rest of us. I begin with two unbiblical views on a most critical part of the Christian story and Christ’s history. How Does the World View the Birth of Jesus? 1) “Jesus came through [...]