Dear Praying Friend,


We praise God for the office space He has given RREACH. We have been in the same location for more than 10 years. As pandemic-related restrictions altered ministry realities and needs throughout 2020, we realized that the future will look different than the past. Dr. Richard’s ministry swivel and realignment process adapted our office space accordingly. He made the following decisions:


  • Reduce the dedicated workstations needed as staff does more from home. We still maintain the space and resources for staff on a rotating, as needed basis.
  • Move the RREACH board and meeting room from rented external space into the RREACH space.
  • Remodel one office into a dedicated recording studio. 


While these moves reduce some costs, the set-up of an in-house meeting space and studio requires furnishings and equipment. Praise God for His direction in making these changes. Please pray that we will maximize this new allocation of space for ministry. Pray for God to provide quality furnishings and equipment at minimal cost. Pray that everything we do with and in the RREACH office space will promote the Lord Jesus and the proclamation of His Word.