Dear Praying Friend,


RREACH team members are working so diligently. Like much of the world, they have adjusted to new COVID-19 realities. Would you pray for our staff at our headquarters in Dallas and colleagues all across the world to work together with efficiency and effectiveness for the glory of the Lord Jesus? Time differences and technologies can complicate collaborative efforts. Pray that all components will work seamlessly to facilitate the important work to be done. 


Also, ask God to provide clear direction as we reorganize elements of the Dallas office for maximum ministry effectiveness. We have turned one of our office spaces into a media recording studio and hopefully, another to a board/conference room. Pray for quality furniture and equipment to be found at good prices. Continue to pray for good health for all team members and their families. We are thankful for God’s protection. Most of all, pray that even in the midst of difficult circumstances we would not grow weary of doing good.