Dear Praying Friend,

“Intentionality” characterizes much about Dr. Richard’s ministry. This affects the messaging, the formatting, the graphics, the timing, the platform and many other considerations. Pray that God will optimize his role and maximize the range of his ministry.

Praise God for all the communication options He makes available! Pray that he will lead Dr. Richard and the RREACH staff to make the most of them. Pray for all “messaging” to be creative, clear and concise, whether in letters, emails, social media posts, videos, teleconferencing or more.

Pray that we will place our communications where people will most benefit from and engage with them. Pray that each communication will touch the people it needs to reach. Pray that God will enable us to make different options available as people have need. Finally, pray that all RREACH communication furthers the proclamation of God’s Word, to His glory.