Dear praying friend,

With daily, monthly and yearly structure significantly compromised by a coronavirus-stricken world, we continue on with matters on mind and at hand.

On our minds are decisions which need prayerful processing. We seek God’s wisdom on ministry strategy and tactics. The RREACH Board met face-to-face for the first time in six months. All of us face complexity and uncertainty in our realms of responsibilities. We prayed together.

At our hands are roles and responsibilities. In the responsibility of ministry, God allowed us to regather 141 national Global Proclamation Academy graduates of 35 countries in Africa by video conference, despite Internet limitations, instability and costs. What great servants of Christ leading the fastest growing region for the Faith in the world.

Then I filmed 30 short videos on The Intentional Life for LEADERREACH, which focuses on equipping lay leaders to serve as spiritual leaders at home, work and church. They are part of the delivery system of spiritual health in every sphere of human existence. Pray for the launch and success of this new program.

In the responsibility of operations, we are reorganizing our headquarters in Dallas. Staff are working more from home, so we built an office recording studio and gave up our shared conference room to conserve the precious gifts of sacrificial donors.

The responsibility of fund-raising is always there. We rejoice to let you know that our goal of $100,000 toward general funds was reached five days before last month ended.

Please pray as decisions for 2021 and beyond lie before us. No one really knows what tomorrow will bring. Pray especially that this electioneering month in the USA not arouse anxiety among believers or opposition to the Faith. This country influences the rest of the world order and its perception concerning the Faith.

Do please let us know a prayer request or two in the comments section. We will cover you. Thank you so much for your heart and care for this work.

In the Inexhaustible Vine,