Dear Praying Friend,

Everyone is called for a purpose and gifted to fulfill that purpose. Many of us, however, do not feel equipped to lead in some areas. Dr. Richard’s Intentional Life Trilogy: Soul Passion, Soul Mission, Soul Vision helps individuals bridge that gap. Using this influential trilogy (required in his Dallas Seminary course), RREACH is launching LEADERREACH academy, an online series that equips God’s people to serve as spiritual leaders in their spheres of influence, e.g. home, work, church, friendships.

Some specific ways we would appreciate prayer for this project are:

  • for RREACH staff as they develop and test the curriculum and delivery formats (both individual and group).
  • for the technical side of producing the videos and resource materials.
  • For the educational experience to be filled with learning and doing
  • for getting the word out to people who can benefit from such resources.

Please pray that the Lord Jesus will use the LEADERREACH academy to strengthen His followers to live biblically.