Dear Praying Friends,

We can’t indulge in the luxury of postponing the delivery of God’s Word. The proclamation of the Lord Jesus Christ has always been the lifeblood of Dr. Richard’s ministry. Now more than ever we see the need to seed the good news of salvation into as many as possible. 


Pray for God’s favor on Dr. Richard’s LifeRocks —an outreach strategy through social and conventional media. Pray especially for the distribution of Dr. Richard’s one-minute videos to pre-Christ audiences and to others like them. The goal of these short videos is to introduce ideas—like freedom from sin—in ways that resonate with curious viewers who may never otherwise consider such topics. Ask God to soften hearts and open eyes. Pray for meaningful follow-up conversations with those who express interest in learning more. Pray with us that many would consider and trust the Lord Jesus as their Savior.