Dear Praying Friend,

Praise God for the partnerships beginning to make Dr. Richard’s expository preaching method available through online classes. We recently received a message from a woman who said, “My husband has been looking for the Spanish copy of your book Preparing Expository Sermons like crazy! … the Spanish version is out of stock everywhere we have looked. My husband has been preparing and studying to be able to diligently and truthfully preach the Word of God and your book has been greatly recommended.”

Praise God for such eager shepherds of His people! We have followed up with this woman and her husband, and we seek more ways to spread the word about how to get the book and to get training in multiple languages. Pray for these endeavors. Pray for Dallas and national GProAcademy graduates who train pastors in their areas. Pray that this training becomes more and more accessible, even in remote places. Thank God for all that He has already made possible.