Dear Praying Friend,


The RREACH board of directors plans to meet December 4–5.
They are:


  • Mr. Burton French
  • Mr. Walt Massey
  • Mr. Curtis Hoffman
  • Mr. Ron Crosby
  • Mr. Greg Glosser
  • Dr. Daniel Boone
  • Dr. Bill Lawrence (sabbatical)
  • Mrs. Shelby Barnette (sabbatical)
  • Dr. Ramesh Richard


Thank God for each one. Pray for the right location and that each will be able to attend for the full meeting. Pray for clear grasp of ministry realities and strategic shifts needed to address challenges. Pray for diligence and discernment. Pray for God’s guidance. 


Pray for preparations for this meeting—compiling of reports, staff presenting reports, logistical details. Finally, pray for excellent implementation of policies to God’s glory.