Dear Praying Friend,

Every week Dr. Ramesh Richard focuses the PRAYERREACH Zoom call* with intercession around the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has affected every individual on the planet, many with great suffering and loss. We have yet to see its end and the extent of its damage.

Persevere with us in prayer over this pandemic. Pray for those who have lost loved ones, livelihoods, peace of mind about simply leaving home. Pray for pastors, who strive to shepherd congregations under restrictions. In many areas, the technology infrastructure will not support much online communication, resulting in greater isolation and falling away. Pray that in this darkness, the world will see the Savior’s light.

Praise God with us, too, for His abundant mercies amid trouble. A little over a month ago Dr. Richard’s brother Rajiv, RREACH Coordinator of International Events, lay in a hospital bed fighting COVID-19 for his life. Now he is home and just celebrated another birthday. More praise: Massive shifts in Dr. Richard’s ministry have revealed alternate ways to proclaim God’s Word and multiply proclaimers. We thank God for His care and the ongoing evidence of His sovereignty.

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