The Pastor’s Family Care Fund strengthens pastoral leaders in situations of extreme poverty, social persecution and natural disaster by temporarily easing their personal financial responsibilities. The Fund provides help for pastors and their spouses and children in defined, specific, measurable and accountable ways. This initiative was born from Dr. Ramesh Richard’s burden to strengthen pastors through strategic and practical means:

“Having experienced God’s provisions in my own life, I carry a great burden to relieve pastors of some of their personal needs, so their spiritual energies can be focused on ministering to their congregations and communities.” – Ramesh Richard

Many of the pastors that RREACH serves live in difficult conditions. They often write to the RREACH staff to give updates, especially in the wake of tragedy or disaster. In light of the Apostle Paul’s instructions to the Galatians to “do good to all people, and especially to the household of the faith” (Gal. 6:10), RREACH will sometimes, following particularly devastating events, provide special opportunities for constituents to send much-needed resources to pastors and their families.

Throughout the years, RREACH has been able to provide relief to pastors living in the Philippines, Sri Lanka, India, Myanmar, Haiti, Syria, Egypt, Pakistan, Liberia and Nepal. 

Recent Opportunities

Egypt, Syria and Pakistan



RREACH maintains a low-level ongoing fund to provide for sudden and urgent needs such as these. If you would like to contribute now to this Pastor’s Family Care Fund so that we are able to respond more quickly, please click here and choose Pastor’s Family Care Fund in the drop down under Categories and Gifts. Thank you for caring for pastors and their families!


Mother’s Care Fund: In Memory of Manorama Richard

Baby RR and mom

Because of Ramesh’s mother’s evangelistic role in his salvation and encouraging role in the ministry, the Board of RREACH has set up the Mother’s Care Fund. As an extension of our ongoing Pastor’s Family Care Fund, gifts which come in as a memorial gift in honor of Manorama Richard will help pastors’ wives in economically deprived situations take care of the physical and educational needs of their kids.

Since disaster and deprivation are all around us, and pastors sacrifice privileges for the sake of their congregations, RREACHRR and Mom0001 has established this limited fund for the practical care of pastors’ families. Not a generic relief project, this fund serves only pastors, their wives and their children. RREACH invites your financial participation in memory of Ramesh’s mother, Manorama, who delighted many more hearts than just their immediate family during her 90 years of faithfulness to the Lord, her husband, her family, and the body of Christ.

To contribute click on the “give online” button located at the top of this page and choose the category Mother’s Care Fund.