The GPA is based on the following premises:

  • Explosive population growth in Africa, Asia and Latin America needs the urgent, bold and wise proclamation of God’s truth by biblically-nurtured, theologically discerning, effective preachers.
  • Christ’s Church is rapidly expanding in Asia, Africa and Latin America, the new frontiers of Christendom.
  • God has called and gifted young pastors to positions and functions of increasing influence in His Church.
  • A “globally-connected world” needs leadership and provides opportunity for a “globally-connected church.”
  • A peer-level networking and continuing education opportunity that focuses on ministry essentials expands the proclamation of God’s truth to shape the future Church worldwide.
  • Peer-level networking opportunities connect pastoral leaders in personal relationship, biblical reflection and theological interaction for implementing the Great Commission through their churches.
  • A continuing-education opportunity in ministry essentials will impact young pastors for a life-time of fruitful ministry.


Global Proclamation Academy Anticipated Outcomes