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Outlive A Walk with Moses (Psalm 90) Ramesh Richard “What do you see?” asked the optician. His patient replied, “I see empty restaurants, stadiums and airports,” which prompted a wry return: “You have perfect 2020 vision!” A kind of 2021 vision not found in [...]


By Dr. Ramesh Richard It does to me now what it did to me at 5 or 6, when my mother first described the pain of the Cross. Then, the story of my Savior brought tears, thanks, and eventually, personal trust. Each Passion Week refreshes that childhood experience. The [...]


Ramesh Richard ¿Existe algún término mejor para describir a los cristianos que adhieren a la autoridad de la Biblia en todos los aspectos de la fe y la práctica? Tal vez sea el momento de un nuevo plural que refleje la autocomprensión de los cristianos, un [...]


I bless thee that thou wilt keep the sinner thou hast loved, and hast engaged that he will not forsake thee, else I would never get to heaven. I wrong the work of grace in my heart if I deny my new nature and my eternal [...]


Volume 21, Number 1 Summer 2020 TESTING, TESTING, TESTING ... GLOBAL PAN(DEM)IC AND A SOUND FAITH Ramesh Richard Technical assistants attach a microphone to my face or jacket [...]


Four Years On—Is Lesser Evil Still a Greater Good? U.S. Elections: Guidance, Comfort and Wisdom* By Ramesh Richard   It used to be easier to vote for presidents. Or to choose to vote at all. Believers would look for candidates most aligned with our (hopefully) biblically informed views and vote [...]


 Do-AbleWhat? How?By Ramesh RichardSingapore and Malaysia are among my favorite destinations for experiencing dynamism at work. A unique feature of their English, sometimes called Singlish or Manglish, is their addition of lah to establish the tone of an expression. The discourse particle ends sentences with assurance and affirmation, exclamation, even [...]


WHEN CHRISTIAN LEADERS FALL: What to feel, think and do* By Ramesh Richard Natural ecological concerns have recently overridden moral ecology. Environmental issues should include the moral environment in which we live. We should be just as concerned to save babies as bath water. The inevitable fallout from a [...]