Do you need to reset your spiritual life? Read about Dr. Richard’s “One” tactic for spiritual renewal in his latest devotional. Also catch up on other news:

  • 2013 Media Outreach Impact – more than 14,000 spiritual decisions indicated
  • Proclamation Replication in Haiti – three Dallas GPA grads at work
  • A Historic Event for Cuba – a conference for 305 Cuban pastors and their wives

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“The Bible is pro-world, pro-life, pro-Christ, pro-Christians, pro-Church. So will we be.” In a recent interview with the Christian Post, Ramesh Richard offered these words to help provide biblical and theological perspective on the escalating situation in the Middle East. Ramesh has written a helpful “Middle East purpose statement” for the church, which many have found beneficial and practical.

Also included in this RR Crossing:

  • Why a Global Pastoral Trainers Congress: Will a global congress for pastoral trainers make a real difference in ministry efforts?
  • National GPA updates: Reports from South Africa, Costa Rica and Zambia
  • Caring for Pastors’ Families: Report on our how we met the needs of pastors in the Middle East

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