Volunteers are essential to the ministry of RREACH, especially during intense and large-scale ministry projects such as the annual Global Proclamation Academy. There are many levels and ways in which you can volunteer. Please read the list below and find out how you can use your time, talents and experience to make a big impact.


  • Volunteer opportunities in the RREACH office. Contact us at info@rreach.org.
  • Host an International Pastor in your home.
  • Make phone calls.
  • Introduce RREACH to a friend, by hosting a home meeting and hearing from Dr. Richard.
  • Travel with Dr. Richard and/or assist in leading a seminar overseas.

Individual Sign-Up


Have your church or organization partner with RREACH through:

  • World Briefing and Prayer Events contact Melissa Krispense.
  • The Global Proclamation Academy held each June in Dallas, TX.
  • Host an evangelistic event and invite Dr. Richard to speak.

Organization Sign-Up

Help Answer Spiritual Questions

Every year RREACH engages in thousands of online discussions via email with people seeking answers to life’s tough questions. Help us through our projects to spread the message of Jesus Christ via the World Wide Web. If you are interested in volunteering as a follow up counselor, please email Will Mattingly.

Sample Question

“I lost my promotion and my peace of mind and on top my boss who is a Hindu said you lost your promotion because your “karma” (actions) is unholy…I am on the verge of atheism, My mom is shattered by my thoughts and I have no clue what to do? I require urgent help. Please answer, keeping in mind that I am from India.”
– Hyderabad, India