Isolation Learning #5

As we move to weekly, short Wisdom and Peace messages, I bring you four “single-syllable verb” videos for our complex world.


Power Points from Pain Points

Power Points from Pain Points

Here are some questions to gain from the pain of this pandemic season. Click the here to read some of my power points derived from pain points.


Isolation Learning #4

Crises provide for deep learning about our lives and behavior. View my next Isolation Learning for this day.


Mass Death & the End of the World?

Mass Death & the End of the World?


Racing Time

Racing Time

The coronavirus pandemic has heightened the world’s sense of urgency–we’re racing for containment, a cure, equilibrium. And we’re asking ourselves how to best grasp the time we have. Click here to read some thoughts on making the most of our time.


Isolation Learning #3

It is an honor to receive your “isolation learnings.” Do keep them coming … not only do I need to learn from you, but I may mention one here or there. Send me an email!  


God, The Future and Me

God, The Future and Me

Greetings, dear friend: Only God knows the future. And with Him we shall meet it. Everyone else’s forecast is just a plain guess. Their guesses are as good as yours. Click the here to read a brief perspective on how to prepare for the future.


Isolation Learning #2

The Coronavirus Curriculum continues … in my need and the spread of God’s wisdom and peace.


It’s Esther Time

It’s Esther Time

God’s servants at other times have faced doom and disaster. They can teach us a couple of lessons as we navigate this time of disease and death. Click here to learn from one of God’s best in history.


Isolation Learning #1

“Never stop learning” was one of four “never stop” lessons I learned from four wise men twice my age … when I was 40! And so I am, during these present times. I wish to share 10 of my learnings (numbered for convenience) over the next set of videos. I’d love to learn from you,..Read More...


Global Pandemic Crisis: Personal Heart Checks

Global Pandemic Crisis: Personal Heart Checks

On a video conference call today with 20 countries, some of my Global Proclamation Associates at RREACH, who serve in some of the remotest and destitute parts of the world, shared deep lessons being learned during this pandemic. Here’s a short article for your self-examination over the next week … we hope, not the next..Read More...


Life Saver

Lifesaving has been in our consciousness and conscience these past months. Learn more about the ultimate Life Saver, the Savior of all people, especially of those who believe.