Death Killer, a full length (22:51) talk has been specially prepared for this distressful season. All of us are prospected by death sooner or later. Please receive assurance and distribute hope after you watch this video.


After Lockdown: It’s Open Now!

Humanity is shut down, under a self-made lockdown. Spiritually distanced from God, no one can unlock what is closed down. Fortunately, Good Friday opens the way. Watch, embrace and most importantly distribute as deeply and widely and quickly as you can today to pastors, churches, family and friends.


Safe Haven

Safe Haven

Greetings, dear friend: Our world has been surprised, stunned and shaken. Every human basis has been exposed as an inadequate haven upon which to rely … knowingly or unknowingly.


Your Great Conquest

Your Great Conquest

People have thought about their own death in recent days. The thought may have passed through your mind about reality. Click the image below to view the great conquest. Yours in His.


What’s with the Beard, Ramesh?

What’s with the Beard, Ramesh?

Biblical questions, theological questions and ministry questions, I have recently addressed. But today a personal question. Will you overlook a bit of lightheartedness during this heavy time? There is a ministry twist.


Checking Your Spiritual Thermometer

To remove guessing from feeling sick requires a thermometer. Amid the uncertainties we face, here are a couple of thoughts on an important objective reading on the human situation.


Call to Prayer: Ramesh Richard & friends

As we approach the most important week of our Faith, I invite you to join me Sunday evening, April 5, at 9 p.m. U.S. Central (Daylight) Time for 30 minutes of prayer as we begin another uncertain, pandemic-stricken week.


Bulwark in Your Chaos

Bulwark in Your Chaos

When all reality is engulfed in chaos, what should we do? This question is not new, coming up with every natural disaster, economic crisis or global pandemic. But no matter the century or circumstance, God is our bulwark—our solid wall of protection in the face of chaos. While some of the references in this article..Read More...


Shelter in Peace

Quarantine. All right! Lockdown. Okay! But “shelter-in-place”? A poor choice of words for practical reasons. But it is good theology. Here are some thoughts about our true shelter-in-place.


What To Do When Discouraged?

I am prone to it too. In fact, I don’t know a single person who is not. If you are on the verge of discouragement—a friend’s organization shut-down this weekend—click on the video to watch “what to do when discouraged?”


Decision-Making During Disruption

Discernment…since we have to make decisions all the time. And during disruption, the Lord’s leadership is needed even more. Please find some guidance in this video.


Divine Meaning in Natural Disaster

Divine Meaning in Natural Disaster

“Divine Meaning in Natural Disaster” answers deep questions during times of crisis. While its events are dated, its truth is not, and crises will continue. A major seminary president in the US wrote me about its benefits this week, and so I thought it might be of help to you and your sphere, too. Divine Meaning..Read More...