Dallas Global Proclamation Academy

The Dallas Global Proclamation Academy is a three-week, annual, intensive institute designed to connect, unite and strengthen 25 young pastoral leaders from 25 countries, primarily in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

The Dallas GPA is held on the campus of Dallas Theological Seminary each June. It features world-renowned Master Coaches, primarily presidents and deans of evangelical seminaries, who train delegates in biblical spirituality, theological discernment and expository preaching. Delegates must be referred to RREACH in order to enter the detailed application and approval process.

Intentional relationship-building within each “cohort” of 25 pastors lays the foundation for ongoing networking, encouragement and multiplication. RREACH sees God working through Dallas GPA graduates to deliver spiritual health worldwide, shaping the Church to expedite implementation of the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Dallas Global Proclamation Academy Graduates

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Year Graduates Distinctives
2005 23 Pilot GPA
2006 24 Seventeen new countries represented
2007 26 Ten new countries represented
2008 25 Three new countries represented
2009 24 Five new countries represented
2010 Reunion 99 Reunion of 2005-09 graduates representing 52 countries, including 63 wives
2011 26 Five new countries represented
2012 26 Two new countries represented
2013 25 Seven new countries represented
2014 23 Three new countries represented
2015 26 Five new countries represented
2016   Reunion of 2005-15 grads at the GProCongress
2017 29 Five new countries represented
2018 26 Seven new countries represented
2019 28 Nine new countries represented
Total Graduates 331 From 101 countries