For more than 30 years, RREACH has implemented the gifting and calling of God on Dr. Ramesh Richard to proclaim God’s Word worldwide. We are now collaborating with YouVersion to amplify his voice through short, devotional Bible Reading Plans that can be accessed on the free Bible App.

A Message from Dr. Ramesh Richard

Reading Plans

Spend six days this advent season with Dr. Ramesh Richard as he offers timely insights on Christ’s divinity and humanity. Prepare your heart for the celebration of Christmas by contemplating the importance of the virgin birth and its implications for our Christian faith.

En español: Cristo El Hombre-Dios: Una Reflexión De Advenimiento Sobre El Nacimiento Virginal

In this seven-part plan, Dr. Ramesh Richard, president of RREACH (a Global Proclamation Ministry) and professor at Dallas Theological Seminary, will guide your study and offer pastoral insights on how gratitude should spill over into a way of life. Let’s thank God for all we have and trust Him for all we need.

In this four-part plan, Dr. Ramesh Richard discusses how to have a purposeful, meaningful and useful life. You have an immediate and astounding opportunity to build a worthwhile future, beginning now. You may also enjoy the companion plan, “Jesus: Your Soul’s Sole Passion.”

 En español: Jesús: La Única Pasión De Tu Alma

Dr. Ramesh Richard offers pastoral insights on how to find your soul passion in life in this five-part plan. The intentional life that pursues a supreme purpose begins with passion.

 En español: Edifica Una Vida Intencional: Comienza Ahora

Spend six days with Dr. Ramesh Richard as he explores Christ’s work as the Death Killer. Though physical death is a reality for us all, there is hope—eternal life in Jesus’ name.

 En español: Jesús: El Asesino De La Muerte

In any circumstance, a Christian’s self-view depends on a better identity source—an ultimate one. The Triune God grants value and provides identity for the believer-follow of Christ.

 En español: Pandemia Global Y Una Fe Sólida (Parte 1): Un Control De Identidad De 5 Días

A maturing Christian life lives to the glory of the Father, in the name of Son, and by the power of the Holy Spirit. This plan discusses how this framework practically applies in daily life.

 En español: Pandemia Global Y Una Fe Sólida (Parte 2): Un Control De Madurez De 4 Días

In this final installment, Dr. Richard discusses the final “check” that adversity and disruption brings to our existence —a “Security Check.” This plan considers ways in which the Trinitarian Faith guarantees true and real security for the Christ-believer.

 En español: Pandemia Global Y Una Fe Sólida (Parte 3): Un Control De Seguridad De 5 Días

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