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RREACH is an ONLY GOD ministry, acknowledging our full dependence on God. We first do this by a dedication to prayer.

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Christmas 2022 Edition

How would God have us celebrate Christmas? In this new series of devotionals, Dr. Richard shares short reflections on three famous Christmas songs sourced in Scripture. These original carols, taken from the account in Luke's Gospel, capture the meaning and mystery of Christmas and invite us to consider how Christmas is the hope for the nations.



We count money. We count years. At night some of us even count sheep. In this new series of devotionals, Dr. Richard invites us to count counter-intuitively. Watch Joy Counter for your spiritual welling and ministry overflowing.


The Enfolding

Enfolding—the word delivers “wellbeing” to anyone who is suffering or sorrowing. Where can we find comfort and counsel? In this set of quiet talks from a Scripture passage that he memorized in 5th grade, Dr. Richard invites you on personal walks through his own recent days. Now, for your Welling, experience God’s Enfolding.



Books have been written about it, prizes awarded for it. People have died seeking it. It is desperately needed yet direly lacking, readily available yet rarely experienced. In this series, Dr. Ramesh Richard uses God’s Word to lead us to the presence and practice of peace, a key ingredient to WELLING: for your spiritual health and ministry overflowing.



Health—or its absence—consumes us. Physical. Mental. Economic. We diligently seek cures for whatever ails us. In his new series, WELL!, Dr. Richard pulls aside the layers of challenges we face to get to the most important health check of all.



Everyone in the classroom of life (and that’s all of us) experiences pain. In these five WELLING videos, watch Dr. Ramesh Richard walk us through short lessons on WELLING.LIFE.


Christmas For You

Happy or Merry Christmas? Neither, in a joyless world…the world of the original Christmas. Not unlike ours today. In these two WELLING videos, Dr. Richard reminds us of how Christmas addresses joylessness and transforms it.


Blessed Beyond

Psalm 67 is an old song from way before Christ. We couldn’t find its tune on YouTube or TikTok. But the lyrics? Wow, they have much to teach us in the 21st century. Come along with Dr. Ramesh Richard as he delves into "Blessed Beyond" and discover blessing. 


What’s Your Life About

Do you know what your life is about? Dr. Ramesh Richard gives his reflections from his study of Psalm 8. 


I, I, I, I

Based on reflections from his personal Bible study of Galatians 2:20, Dr. Ramesh Richard explores the foundational elements of having a relationship with God. 


Not in Vain

To live a life that won’t be in vain has certain characteristics. Dr. Ramesh Richard explains them from his personal Bible study on 1 Corinthians 15:58


The Strong Weak

In a time of global anxiety and disruption, where can we find the strength in order to strengthen ourselves? Dr. Ramesh Richard meditates on this question from his study of Hebrews 12:12-13.


Outlive Your Life

Drawing from reflections from his personal Bible Study in Psalm 90, Dr. Ramesh Richard explores the answer to this critical question: How can you outlive this life?


Bible Reading Plans

Soul Mission: Determine Your Purpose For Living

Dr. Ramesh Richard offers pastoral insights on how to find your soul mission—your purpose in life. You have a God-given role that will guide you as you build an intentional life. Discover it now! You may enjoy the companion plan, “Displaying the Greatness of God in Your Life.”

Displaying the Greatness of God in Your Life

Want to know how to carry out God’s mission for your life? Through God’s Spirit, you can be empowered to rightly order the three primary segments of your life—personal, family, and work. You may enjoy the companion plan, “Soul Mission: Determine your Purpose for Living.”

God's Vision, Your Unique Role

Discover God’s ultimate purpose and your unique role in bringing it to fruition. Your vision for your life is only worthy if it aligns with His. You may enjoy the companion plan, “Soul Vision: Make Your Life Count.”

Soul Vision: Make Your Life Count

Dr. Ramesh Richard suggests how to make your life count. Through your personal gifts and seized opportunities, you can contribute to God’s ultimate vision for the world—drawing humanity to Himself. You may enjoy the companion plan, “God’s Vision, Your Unique Role.”

Dr. Richard Proclaims God’s Word

Featured Articles

Does it add up?: Ministry Arithmetic

By Dr. Ramesh Richard

I am told there are three kinds of people: those who can count and those who can’t. Our just first-grader grandkid is convinced 1+1=2. My small group leader, attempting to inspire pastoral training organizations to partner with one another, told us that 1+1=3!


WELL, It Is!

By Dr. Ramesh Richard

A Latin American pastor felt free to share his innermost feelings earlier this year with our son Robby, also a pastor: “I don’t know where I am taking the church, nor do I know where I am going. I’ve lost the drive.” Robby commented to me, “He gave me the impression that he has lost the drive and doesn’t…


Living Thanksgiving

By Ramesh Richard

“Hostile dependence”—a psychology phrase—describes a relationship in which a person must depend on someone else but doesn’t like it. There’s a tension. Maybe he or she does not like the person or simply the situation, but there is no option but dependence. Atheists feel the problem acutely. They dislike…


Beyond Bible Knowledge

By Ramesh Richard

In a season when many are returning to the classroom for another school year, I am reminded of my 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Roberts, who first piqued my interest in the Bible. Although strict and stern—her face reminded me of the introduction to Lamentations—she came alive in Bible class,…

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