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Does it add up?: Ministry Arithmetic

By Dr. Ramesh Richard I am told there are three kinds of people: those who can count and those who can’t. Our just first-grader grandkid is convinced 1+1=2. My small group leader, attempting to inspire pastoral training organizations to partner with one another, told us that 1+1=3!


WELL, It Is!

By Dr. Ramesh Richard A Latin American pastor felt free to share his innermost feelings earlier this year with our son Robby, also a pastor: “I don’t know where I am taking the church, nor do I know where I am going. I’ve lost the drive.” Robby commented to me, “He gave me the impression that he has lost the drive and doesn’t...


Living Thanksgiving

By Ramesh Richard “Hostile dependence”—a psychology phrase—describes a relationship in which a person must depend on someone else but doesn’t like it. There’s a tension. Maybe he or she does not like the person or simply the situation, but there is no option but dependence. Atheists feel the problem acutely. They dislike...


Beyond Bible Knowledge

By Ramesh Richard In a season when many are returning to the classroom for another school year, I am reminded of my 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Roberts, who first piqued my interest in the Bible. Although strict and stern—her face reminded me of the introduction to Lamentations—she came alive in Bible class,...


Prayer & Terror

The eyes of the entire world are focused on the newest government in South-West-Central Asia. Terrorists ravage their country, unleashing wrath against their citizens. They threaten, terrorize, and slaughter their own neighbors. Those of us helplessly watching aresearching for the right words, sentiments, and prayers, especially in view of the relatively...


Outlive: A Walk with Moses (Psalm 90)

Outlive A Walk with Moses (Psalm 90) Ramesh Richard “What do you see?” asked the optician. His patient replied, “I see empty restaurants, stadiums and airports,” which prompted a wry return: “You have perfect 2020 vision!” A kind of 2021 vision not found in ophthalmology is with [...]


I, I, I, I | Welling Series 4

"I, I, I, I." What’s that? Who’s that? This multi-part series seeks to answer this question. Find out the secret to your spiritual well-being around the "Four I’s" of Galatians 2:20.


The Passionary

By Dr. Ramesh Richard It does to me now what it did to me at 5 or 6, when my mother first described the pain of the Cross. Then, the story of my Savior brought tears, thanks, and eventually, personal trust. Each Passion Week refreshes that childhood experience. The [...]


One Body One Blood | Good Friday Global Communion Service

On Good Friday 2021, believers from around the world celebrated the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ during a global communion service faciliated by One Body One Blood. Dr. Ramesh Richard’s Good Friday talk begins at the 23:22 mark.


Not in Vain | Welling Series 3

How will you use your life? Or will it be useless? In this five-part series, Dr. Ramesh Richard explores these life-critical questions, and provides some direction from Scripture.