The Population of Heaven: A Biblical Response to the Inclusivist Position on Who Will Be Saved

This book examines “inclusivism,” one of the most debated theological issues. Since the beginning of the church, people contemplating Christianity have struggled with the question of what will happen to the unevangelized. If God is loving, will those who have never heard the Gospel be sentenced to eternal punishment?

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The Soul Hole

Each of us has a hole in his or her heart. It’s part of human nature, a longing for completeness that resides in us all. We try to fill it with money or work or education or romance, but nothing seems to do. This is a spiritual void in your soul that can only be mended supernaturally. The Soul Hole invites you on a thoughtful journey of self-discovery and understanding. Incisive and deeply spiritual, this book will take you through all the steps you need to fix your spiritual hole.

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The Intentional Life Trilogy

Soul Passion: Embracing Your Life’s Ultimate Purpose

Do you want to discover the meaning of your life? Through the ages, man has searched for the “meaning of life.” But even though many of us know there must be something more, we stumble about with undirected goals and undiscovered passion. In Soul Passion, the first book in his Intentional Life Trilogy, Ramesh Richard motivates readers to ask themselves what their passion is — where they have placed their heart, love, trust and sufficiency. Discovering your soul passion is the foundation for living a biblically well-built and profitable life.

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Soul Mission: Establishing Your Life’s Strategic Pattern

Throughout the ages, humanity has pursued the “meaning of life.” However, most of us live decidedly arbitrary lives, muddling through from day to day. A truly intentional life is three-dimensional, comprised of passion, mission, and vision. In this second book in the Intentional Life Trilogy, Ramesh Richard explores what it means to have a mission for your life that is in response to God’s universal purpose. Readers will find themselves deeply challenged to evaluate why they’re here and find assistance with developing their own soul mission.

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Soul Vision: Ensuring Your Life’s Future Impact

Dr. Ramesh Richard has been called the layman’s Ravi Zacharias. He speaks directly to those who wrestle with the meaning of life. In a hustle and bustle world, we scurry around with little time to catch our breath, let alone seek out our passion and mission and vision for our life. Ramesh believes that in order for us to embody our true selves and become what we were designed to be, we must reevaluate our passion, mission and vision and conform them to God’s will. This final book in the Intentional Life Trilogy orients the reader to the future, through guidance from the Divine Visionary.

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Study Guides

Soul TransForMission

Are you looking for a study for your small group? Consider the new Soul TransForMission study guide based on Soul Mission, Dr. Richard’s book about the ultimate mission of life. The study offers eight weeks of thought- and action-provoking questions, exercises and journaling prompts.

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Wisdom Toward Outsiders, Book One

Understanding Non-Christian Worldviews & Lifeviews

Biblical obligation to introduce the gospel to pre-Christians increases in intensity and opportunity as far away peoples, once reached by missionaries, are now neighbors across the street or office. However, their worldviews, religions, and cultures present formidable blocks in presenting the Lord Jesus Christ empathetically and effectively.

WISDOM TOWARD OUTSIDERS consist of two books on cross-cultural apologetics and worldview evangelism, along with a workbook. Book One helps readers understand neighbors found in non-Christian worldviews and lifeviews. Book Two equips readers to engage pre-Christian neighbors in evangelism and apologetics.

In the book, Dr. Ramesh Richard, having spent years in academic and evangelistic ministry, frames our understanding of non-Christian worldviews and lifeviews with a biblically-sensitive and intellectually-perceptive approach. He explains how the Lord Jesus Christ may be presented creatively and clearly to those who hold to different assumptions about truth, salvation, and reality.

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Wisdom Toward Outsider, Book Two

Engaging Pre-Christians in Evangelism & Apologetics

The colors of our national palette are changing—from a “whitening” to a “blackening” to a “yellowing” to a “browning” of America. However, non-Christian worldview are not changing—people arrive with their worldviews, cultures, and religions. While non-Christian worldviews are not savable, pre-Christian neighbors are reachable like never before.

We need an effective method and experienced approach in engaging pre-Christian “outsiders.” Much can be learned from traditional methods of evangelism and apologetics, but we also need to be more relationally-sensitive & intellectually-perceptive in engaging those outside a Judeo-Christian heritage.

This second volume of WISDOM TOWARD OUTSIDERS builds on the theological foundations and anthropological insights of Book One. Dr. Ramesh Richard here presents a biblical, comprehensive, and practical method of cross-cultural apologetics and worldview evangelism learned from decades of informal witness, formal training and major presentations.

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Wisdom Toward Outsiders 

Crosscultural Apologetics & Worldwide Evangelism for reaching international neighbors Workbook

This workbook accompanies the two books with guidance for self-study and group discussion.

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Musings and Moorings

Journal for pre-Christians with quotes from Scripture and Ramesh Richard

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Sensings & Seizings: My Intentional Life Notebook

Journal for believers with quotes from Scripture and Ramesh Richard.

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Preparing Expository Sermons: A Seven-Step Method for Biblical Preaching

“The Bible is what God has made. Sermons are what we make with what God has made.” This is the foundation for developing expository messages, according to Ramesh Richard. His method, explained in Preparing Expository Sermons, has been field-tested in training seminars for thousands of preachers around the world.

Richard’s book is a simple, do-it-yourself resource for developing and preaching expository sermons. It guides the reader through a seven-step process, with many practical suggestions and illustrative charts along the way. In addition, there are eleven appendices that include information on:

  • how to choose a text
  • preaching narratives
  • understanding your audience
  • forms of sermon introduction

A comprehensive sermon evaluation questionnaire is included as well.

Preparing Expository Sermons, an updated and expanded version of Scripture Sculpture, is ideal for beginning preachers, lay preachers without formal training, or any pastor who is looking for a refresher course in expository sermon preparation. The book was named in the top 25 most influential preaching books of the last 25 years by Preaching magazine.

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Preparing Evangelistic Sermons: A Seven-Step Method for Preaching Salvation

When it comes to evangelism, converting the sinner is God’s role. Communicating the Gospel is the role of the evangelist. But how is this done effectively? Preachers everywhere want to know.

In this follow-up to Preparing Expository Sermons, Ramesh Richard offers a simple, do-it-yourself resource for preparing and delivering evangelistic sermons. Incorporating a seven-step process, this book guides readers through the foundation, framework, method and special issues of evangelistic preaching. With six appendices that provide relevant information, outlines and checklists, Preparing Evangelistic Sermons is ideal for students of evangelism.

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Life Rocks! A Blueprint for Discovering the Intentional Life 

In Life Rocks!, a DVD companion to his Intentional Life Trilogy, Dr. Ramesh Richard walks you through steps to examine and live your passion, mission and vision, inspiring you to pursue your intentional life. 

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Scripture Sculpture: A Do-It-Yourself Manual for Biblical Preaching

The Scripture Sculpture principle is simple: The Bible is what God has made. Sermons are what we make with what God has. This DVD guide features video lectures by Ramesh Richard, explaining his Scripture Sculpture preaching method.

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