National Global Proclamation Academies

National GPAs, ten-day versions of the Dallas GPA, are hosted in countries across the world by Dallas GPA graduates. Around 25 young, evangelical pastors from across regions and denominations inside a country are selected for training in expository preaching undergirded by biblical spirituality within a context of intentional relationship-building. Faculty is comprised of Dallas GPA grads and Master Coaches from the region.

National Global Proclamation Academies

2011 Date Graduates Distinctives
Venezuela February 20 – 26

August 14 – 20

17 Completed in two sessions to allow pastors for practical application in between.
Undisclosed 1 Confidential 50 Organizing pastor had a heart attack; is under intense government surveillance and has requested no contact.
Haiti August 28 – September 3 25 Inspired to organize intentional pastoral training for 100 specially selected pastors from all 10 regions of Haiti.
Albania September 25 – October 3 19 Working with pastoral leaders in neighboring Serbia to hold a GPA for Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Croatia and Bosnia.
Sri Lanka October 7 – 15 22 A country which sends Buddhist missionaries to the world.
2011 Total 5 133  
2012 Date Graduates Distinctives
Egypt February 1 – 11 19 Ended a day early due to the death of organizing pastor’s father and ongoing civil unrest; immediate plans made for national GPA in neighboring country.
Cameroon March 9 – 17 24 Planning to hold a national GPA each year until 2024, with three reunions.
Undisclosed 2 March 26 – 31 25 Great success in spite of short window in which to execute; pastors undergoing serious oppression.
Nepal April 13 – 21 25 60 years ago no believers in Nepal; now over a million Christians need healthy pastors; prayed especially for spiritual breakthrough in the nation.
Malawi April 27 – May 5 25 Held evangelistic outreach, 16 came to Christ and were baptized.
Ethiopia May 11 – 19 24 Many come from areas where they experience severe persecution; pastors applauded during the entire graduation ceremony.
Kenya July 13 – 22 27 Had a waiting list of dynamic applicants; investigating partnership with African International University much like Dallas GPA with DTS.
Philippines July 20 – 28 23 Intense spiritual attack in areas of health, weather, integrity; pioneered use of Dallas GPA grads as peer coaches; setting aside funds for next GPA.
Liberia August 19 – 29 25 Planning a GPA movement across Liberia including bi-annual events and reaching grassroots pastors and churches.
South Sudan September 2 – 10 26 Most pastors came in from neighboring countries or refugee camps where they had been hiding during the 23-year war.
Mozambique September 28 – October 6 22 Well-selected delegates; committed to multiply training received; three commissioned to foster ongoing cohort formation.
2012 Total  11 265  
2013 Date Graduates Distinctives
Zimbabwe February 1 – 9 22 Completed in spite of major infrastructure challenges: lack of running water, electricity, transport. Sessions held in an open-air tent in a national park.
India February 17 – 24 24 Every delegate declared GPA India the best training he had ever had; a number said, “These were the best days of my life.”
Uganda March 1 – 10 23 All 23 delegates bi-vocational and most from difficult circumstances; it was considered amazing for that many to attend.
Fiji May 2 – 11 25 Were eager to study—till 2:00 and 3:00 am. Delegates had to be told to sleep.
Taiwan May 12 – 20 26 Our vision expands: first national GPA spawned apart from the Dallas GPA.
Balkan States July 11 – 18 27 First regional GPA: barriers overcome as pastors came from six countries formerly at war and from the marginalized Roma (Gypsy) people.
Bangladesh August 5–14 30 Held in spite of nationwide public strike; some traveled 24 hours to attend. Pastors are looked down on in society. Deeply encouraged by GPA treatment.
Nigeria August 5 – 14 26 Organized by just one Dallas GPA grad and his wife; fellow grads from Kenya and South Africa flew in at own expense to help teach.
Costa Rica August 29 – September 7 25 All seven provinces and many denominations represented; a whitewater rafting experience reinforced networking and team-building efforts.
South Africa October 10 – 19 20 All four major South African people groups were represented, a major feat. RREACH delayed the GPA a year to accomplish this.
Zambia October 18 – 27 24 Dallas GPA graduates and national GPA coordinator Rajiv Richard teamed for a successful event despite one organizer’s ethical failure.
Mexico November 7 – 16  21 Delegates, among the youngest who have attended national GPAs, were of high caliber. Many would have qualified for the Dallas GPA.
Ghana November 23 – December 3 26 Delegates represented all major regions and different social, economic and educational backgrounds, including one majority religion-background pastor.
2014 Total  13 319  
2014 Date Graduates Distinctives
Dominican Republic January 9 – 18 25 Delegates, from nine denominations, had never experienced such intentional relationship-building and unity; 21 wives came, the most of any national GPA.
Myanmar April 25 – May 4 31 So well-run they came in under budget and returned funds; organizers feel this will affect the future of the evangelical church in Myanmar.
Rwanda May 15 – 24 30 In this Rwandan genocide 20th anniversary year, the GPA brought pastors from both sides together; learning to teach the Bible first was new for some.
Burundi July 24 – August 2 30 Participants embraced the vision of changing the way One Billion Individuals think and hear about the Lord Jesus Christ, even printing it on their GPA shirts.
Swaziland August 18 – 27 24 An early conflict threatened the GPA’s unifying aspect; the instigator later humbly admitted his wrongdoing, saying GPA turned him around.
Togo August 28 – September 6 24 Local support, especially financial, was strong; delegates so valued the experience they are advocating annual GPAs for pastors across the nation.
Botswana September 18 – 27 25 Higher than normal number of pastors under age 25; most affirmed the value of peer relationships; “I have learnt as a pastor I can’t do it alone,” one said.
Mali November 13 – 22 21 One Dallas GPA grad, with help from two others and much prayer, brought this GPA to fruition in spite of great adversity—Jihadists, severe poverty, Ebola outbreak.
2014 Total  8 210  
2015 Date Graduates Distinctives
Cuba January 8 – 17 26 Only 10 have email and hitchhiking is a common form of travel; graduates are determined to remain connected, however, using telegram and ground mail.
Nicaragua March 3 – 12 25 The group included many delegates at the young end of the 20 – 38 age range and—a GPA first—a father and son; one 22-year-old has planted five churches.
Tanzania March 19 – 28 34 The 34 delegates were from different denominations and distant places—some traveling 36 hours by bus!
Peru April 16 – 25 24 The only GPA graduate from Peru coordinated this event.
Indonesia April 23 – May 1 25 The delegates appreciated the “good, healthy food” they received.
Benin April 29 – May 8 30 The delegates were motivated by the GPA highly intentional stewardship of time.
Cambodia May 14 – 23 25 Pastors from all 25 provinces attended.
Lebanon August 30 – September 5

November 20 – 23

 15 Pastors from Lebanon, North Sudan, Egypt, Syria, Iraq and Kurdistan, including some majority religion-background believers gathered for this national GPA.
Burkina Faso September 9 – 19 28 A military coup took place as the national GPA wrapped up but everyone arrived home safely.
Lesotho September 24 – October 3 25 This group valued connecting with each other. Though television was available at their location they chose not to watch. “It’s not worth watching when we have so short a time together,” they said.
Trinidad & Tobago October 16 – 25 17 The group, most of whom had never gone fishing, took a fishing trip. This connecting experience was a highlight for them.
Thailand November 8 – 14

February 12 – 14, 2017

19 Even after the training was completed, pastors are connecting through social media and personal meetings.
2015 Total 12 293  
2017 Date Graduates Distinctives
Romania January 15 – 21

April 26 – 29

10 Most of the pastors wives attended the graduation.
Vanuatu March 2 – 11 12 One highlight of the event was a day of relaxation at Champagne Beach. Pastors enjoyed “jumping in the aqua blue waters” and having a “snore under the coconut palms.”
Senegal March 23 – April 1 22 The graduation dinner offered a unique experience for the pastors. It was held in a highly regarded hotel operated by a Brazilian mission.
Guinea (Conakry) April 20 – 29 28 One pastor said, “The GPA has given me a new life. I lost my wife three months ago. My life was sad, but the new friendships, testimonies, counsel and encouragements of my friends of the national GPA have given me strength to think of remarrying and taking care of the ministry and my two children. Thank you national GPA.”
St. Vincent and the Grenadines April 20 – 29 14 This was very impactful on the life and ministry of the participants. It is quite evident that there was spiritual growth, great networking and improvement in preaching.
Sierra Leone May 4 – 13 23 The national organizer was so impressed with the program he is planning to raise funds for a second national GPA for his country.
Honduras June 8 – 17 15 One pastor testified, “This academy helps me to better understand the Bible and to go deep in my studies and to know a lot of topics that I previously never understood.”
Ivory Coast June 29 – July 8 29 The need for effective biblical preaching is especially crucial in an nation whose literacy rate is less than 50 percent.
Argentina July 27 – August 5 18 A rap of Dr. Richard’s Seven Steps of Expository Preaching was made called Rap de los Siete Pasos (Seven Steps Rap) – This a national GPA first!
Gabon August 3 – 13 20 Organizers were able to successfully bring together young leaders from different denominations. This shows a path forward for breaking denominational barriers.
Undisclosed 3 August 12 – 21 13 The setting was big-family-style: The entire group of 17 pastors plus organizers, master coaches and kitchen staff had to share two bathrooms (for 10 days). The pastors split between two living rooms to eat, sleep, study and take breaks in this region requiring unusual discretion.
Brazil August 15 – 24 25 One attendee said “The national GPA helped us to learn new techniques and develop new ministerial partnerships.”
Niger September 14 – 23 14 Believers make up less than one percent of the population in Niger.
Mongolia September 21 – 30 22 The Church in Mongolia is less than 30 years old—about the same age as many of the pastors who attended this training.
Cuba 2 October 3 – 12 29 Serious lack of homiletic knowledge and ability to preach was again evident in the pastors attending.
Mexico 2 October 18 – 27 16 Two attendees are raising funds to hold another national GPA, and the group has already picked the location for a reunion next year.
Philippines (Women) November 6 – 15 17 First national GPA for women.
2017 Total  17 327  
2018 Date Graduates Distinctives
Democratic Republic of Congo January 4 – 13 30 The was the second national GPA where there was no Dallas GPA graduate but a GProCongress participant organizing it.
St. Lucia February 1 – 10 19 Dallas GPA grad described the outcome of the training as phenomenal in the way lives were impacted.
Zambia 2 March 1 – 10 28 One attendee serves as a police chaplain requested similar training for Zambia police chaplains.
El Salvador March 15 – 24 12 Security issues hindered some from attending and curtailed team sport time.
Angola April 12 – 22 28 Organizers noted that although the participants were of different educational backgrounds and levels as well as different denomination, it wasn’t easy to tell.
Paraguay April 26 – May 5 17 Paraguay has never had a Dallas GPA grad so a 2006 grad from Peru led this event.
Grenada July 12 – 21 23 This talented group created a reggae version entitled “Preach the Word” about the Scripture Sculpture method.
Nigeria (Women) July 24 – August 2 19 One of the participants said “This is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I didn’t know that I had such potential. I have discovered that during this academy.” 
Republic of Congo August 9 – 18 25  This academy taught attendees not only how to preach, but also how to study the Word of God. Most have preached too-good-to-be-true messages, not biblically sound ones.
Ecuador August 16 – 25 21  Many said, “We cannot reply what you have taught us this week.”
Central African Republic August 23 – September 1 24  Accomplishing a GPA in this country seemed out of reach. In addition to financial issues enlisting pastors from across the country and denominational lines seemed impossible. But the funds arrived and so did the pastors.
Undisclosed 4 September 6 – 15 35  None of the delegates had education beyond the ninth grade.
Chile September 27 – October 6  20 One pastor said “This academy has actually made me be more careful before I preach. I must study the Bible text more deeply in all details.”
Guyana October 4 – 14  19 A 21 year old pastor learned the “importance of relationships and connections with others in ministry, men especially.”
The Gambia October 4 – 14  27 “This GPA has inspired every part of my life,” declared one attendee.
Bolivia October 22 – November 3  33 “Before coming here, we made attempts to preach well, but here it went deeper,” 
2018 Total  16 380   
2019 Date Graduates Distinctives
Solomon Islands January 10 – 20 26 Getting to the GPA location on the main island took two days for some pastors.
Madagascar February 20 – March 2 16 One of the participants said “the 10 days were not enough for we were so ready to receive more from GPA.”
Guinea-Bissau March 21 – 30 30  The intentional connecting and uniting aspects of a GPA encouraged the delegates to work together across different denominations. 
Indonesia (Women’s) April 25 – May 4  7 Twenty-three women made the significant commitment to leave their ministries, jobs and families for 10 days (“10 days!!!” one pastor’s wife said) to attend the wGPA.
Panama April 25 – May 4  18 The 27 attendees included three pastors from the GUNA people, a group indigenous to Panama. The GUNA people have had the Gospel for more than 100 years, but untrained pastors have stunted its growth.
Antigua and Barbuda July 4 – 13 24  “This academy has made me more aware of the fact that the church needs more men equipped to be effective in the Kingdom, shows me the real importance of unity.”
Honduras (Women’s) August 22 – 31  20 Most of the women in attendance are already established pastoral leaders.
Kosovo August 22 – 31  19 Life/family/ministry testimony time deeply bonded the pastors.
Cape Verde October 2 – 11  15 During a special outing, the pastors enjoyed a time designed specially to pray for nations.
Democratic Republic of Congo South September 26 – October 5  23 Many of the pastoral leaders gained not only new vision but also the capability to set goals and prepare strategies to pass their training on to others.
Pakistan October 21 – 30  26 Although organizers ended the GPA two days early to avoid risking lives, the pastors remain in consistent contact, and organizers are optimistic about the GPA’s long-term value.
Guatemala October 31 – November 9 17  
Ukraine November 1 – 10 22  
São Tomé and Principe November 21 – 30 25  
2019 Total 14 288  
Grand Total 100 2,011 Representing 90 countries