Ramesh Richard Ph.D, Th.D

God has permitted Dr. Ramesh Richard, the founder and president of RREACH and a professor at Dallas Theological Seminary, to be a global spokesman for the Lord Jesus Christ. A theologian-evangelist, philosopher-expositor and educator-author, Dr. Richard’s ministry reaches pastors and opinion leaders worldwide, especially in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

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RREACH stands for Ramesh Richard Evangelism and Church Health. A global proclamation ministry, RREACH’s vision is to change the way One Billion Individuals think and hear about the Lord Jesus Christ.

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Reaching The World Through Its Opinion Leaders

Reaching Large Numbers of Individuals

Several times a year through a personal invitation to special events, unbelieving opinion leaders are brought to hear Ramesh Richard. He travels all over the world to personally share the hope that is found in the Lord Jesus Christ with leaders in business, government, media and education.

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Reaching The World Through Media Outreach

Evangelizing Opinion Leaders

God has graciously opened powerful doors for Dr. Ramesh Richard to spread the good news about the Lord Jesus Christ, leveraging media venues such as television, radio and the Internet. 

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Reaching The World Through Its Pastoral Leaders

Strengthening Pastoral Leaders

RREACH eagerly seeks to teach and train pastors, especially in Asia, Africa and Latin America, to effectively shepherd their churches over the next decades.

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