Weekly Godward

Join Dr. Richard and friends from around the world at the beginning of each week to pray for our world. Every Sunday at 8:30 p.m. US Central (Daylight) Time, we unite in a fast and precious 45 minutes of intercession over the pandemic and other ministry matters. Write to  to receive details necessary to join the call. Or, watch the call live on this page. 

Only God

RREACH’s first operational value is “Only God.” One way we recognize and live in our dependence on Him is by beginning, covering and ending every aspect of ministry in prayer, with thanksgiving. As the Lord continues to open doors for Dr. Richard and his ministry, we are even more aware of the need for prayer.

We post regular prayer updates on this page, including a daily prayer calendar at the beginning of each month. Please take a moment to visit and look over recent posts of requests and God’s responses.

Prayer Updates

Note that most of these are ongoing prayer requests; the date listed is the posting date.

Efficient and effective work | November 6, 2020

Dear Praying Friend,

RREACH team members are working so diligently. Like much of the world, they have adjusted to new COVID-19 realities. Would you pray for our staff at our headquarters in Dallas and colleagues all across the world to work together with efficiency and effectiveness for the glory of the Lord Jesus? Time differences and technologies can complicate collaborative efforts. Pray that all components will work seamlessly to facilitate the important work to be done. 

Also, ask God to provide clear direction as we reorganize elements of the Dallas office for maximum ministry effectiveness. We have turned one of our office spaces into a media recording studio and hopefully, another to a board/conference room. Pray for quality furniture and equipment to be found at good prices. Continue to pray for good health for all team members and their families. We are thankful for God’s protection. Most of all, pray that even in the midst of difficult circumstances we would not grow weary of doing good.

Received: April 29, 2021

In his words: Ramesh Richard October 2020 update | October 29, 2020

Dear praying friend,

With daily, monthly and yearly structure significantly compromised by a coronavirus-stricken world, we continue on with matters on mind and at hand.

On our minds are decisions which need prayerful processing. We seek God’s wisdom on ministry strategy and tactics. The RREACH Board met face-to-face for the first time in six months. All of us face complexity and uncertainty in our realms of responsibilities. We prayed together.

At our hands are roles and responsibilities. In the responsibility of ministry, God allowed us to regather 141 national Global Proclamation Academy graduates of 35 countries in Africa by video conference, despite Internet limitations, instability and costs. What great servants of Christ leading the fastest growing region for the Faith in the world.

Then I filmed 30 short videos on The Intentional Life for LEADERREACH, which focuses on equipping lay leaders to serve as spiritual leaders at home, work and church. They are part of the delivery system of spiritual health in every sphere of human existence. Pray for the launch and success of this new program.

In the responsibility of operations, we are reorganizing our headquarters in Dallas. Staff are working more from home, so we built an office recording studio and gave up our shared conference room to conserve the precious gifts of sacrificial donors.

The responsibility of fund-raising is always there. We rejoice to let you know that our goal of $100,000 toward general funds was reached five days before last month ended.

Please pray as decisions for 2021 and beyond lie before us. No one really knows what tomorrow will bring. Pray especially that this electioneering month in the USA not arouse anxiety among believers or opposition to the Faith. This country influences the rest of the world order and its perception concerning the Faith.

Do please let us know a prayer request or two in the comments section. We will cover you. Thank you so much for your heart and care for this work.

Received: April 29, 2021

GProAcademy ReGatherings | October 26, 2020

Dear Praying Friends,

Two historic ReGatherings for many nations of Global Proclamation Academy graduates across the world were hosted by RREACH late this summer. The Latin America ReGathering brought together 151 grads from 18 countries. Two weeks later, the Africa ReGathering included 141 grads from 35 countries.

These ReGatherings were the first time our graduates from national GProAcademies connected with other graduates in their own regions. While they knew their national cohorts, the cohorts did not know each other!

Please pray for protection and provision for RREACH’s 2,000+ national GProAcademy graduates around the world. Also, pray specifically that cohorts would remain connected and further strengthened for the ministries God has given them.

Received: April 29, 2021

Intentional Life Trilogy projects | October 14, 2020

Dear Praying Friends,

Recently, God has opened doors for increased use of Dr. Richard’s Intentional Life Trilogy: Soul Passion, Soul Mission and Soul Vision. The books are being translated into Spanish, Portuguese, French, Bahasa Indonesia and Mandarin. 

Also, Dr. Richard and a team recently filmed a series of videos to accompany this trilogy of books. RREACH desires to make materials like these available for wider distribution in more languages and mediums. 

Please pray for the post-production process and for the distribution of these videos. Pray also for the translation and that RREACH would have wisdom in how to distribute translated versions. Pray that God would bring fruit in the form of personal spiritual growth by those who watch the videos and read the books. For more on the Intentional Life Trilogy, click here.

Received: April 29, 2021

Pivoting toward media proclamation | May 11, 2020

Dear praying friends,

In brief:

You’re invited to join our Sunday evening (U.S. time) pandemic prayer calls.

Praise God for new opportunities and pray as RREACH realigns priorities and staffing to meet current, urgent realities.

Pray for Dr. Richard’s writing projects and the need for good-quality publishers.

Praise God for the generous care expressed toward pastors and families in need.

The bigger picture:

Each Sunday evening, 9–9:30 US Central Daylight Time, Dr. Richard hosts a PrayerReach conference call (audio only via Zoom) for matters relating to the pandemic and its consequences. We would be glad for you to join us for this precious time. Let us know and we will send you details. We continue to seek God’s mercy and wisdom for all as this virus continues to wreak havoc around the world.

With the cancellation and postponement of major ministry training events, RREACH has pivoted hard toward Ramesh Richard’s media proclamation. We praise God for new opportunities to proclaim His Word arising out of pandemic circumstances. Ramesh has had several Web-based live speaking engagements. We are scaling our media initiatives to meet new and heightened needs revealed by the pandemic. Pray for wisdom, agile operations and God’s Word to penetrate areas where humans are trying to shut it out. Pray for His discernment and provision to manage this shift and its potential ramifications on workflow and the work force.

Please pray for a publisher for Dr. Richard’s new book, as well as completion of a couple more publication projects.

The spread of starvation is one tragic development of efforts to curtail the pandemic. We thank God that caring friends have donated more than US$64,000 (our goal was $50,000!) in addition to RREACH’s initial $50,000 allocation so that we can help more than 2,000 pastors and their families (averaging a $50 one-time gift) in hard-hit areas. More requests from hungry families of pastors are pouring in. Ask Him to provide more funds by June 30 for more pastoral families and to get the funds to those in the greatest need. Lift them to Him for protection, perseverance and provision. Pray that He will be glorified as they serve Him even in their suffering.

Thank you!

Received: April 29, 2021

In his words: Ramesh Richard April 2020 update | April 19, 2020

Seeking opportunity to pray with like-minded believers during this pandemic? Please join me and friends from around the globe for 30 minutes each Sunday as long as the intensity of the virus goes on, at 9 p.m. U.S. Central (Daylight) Time. Let us know you're interested and we'll send you details.

Dear praying friends,

“A cruel joke,” I tweeted on April Fool’s Day, “if a researcher announced today that a powerful and guaranteed virus remedy was available. Delighted for a second, we would soon realize it is April 1. That’s how desperate humanity is to believe in a single cure and yet we rebel against one Savior for all sin.” We will seize April’s high and holy days to promote that single Savior for all humanity.

The month began with a visit to Dr. Ravi Zacharias, a dear friend of five decades. Now overtaken with cancer, he is hospital-based and undergoing chemo. The previous night I attended a Haggai International banquet, where 96-year-old founder Dr. John Edmund Haggai rejoiced with new leadership. I spoke at their 50th anniversary in Bali, Indonesia, last year. Dr. Satish Kumar, pastor of the fastest growing church in the world (125,000 in 12 years), came by the house to visit about his future. Then, I called on my very dear and newly widowed friend Dr. Tony Evans, only offering the gift of presence.

The next day, I flew to South Africa to help a new organization, Re-Forma, think through how to assure the quality of pastoral training. A critical need in view of many non-formal initiatives; a pastor must have the confidence of God and people as he serves.

Then countries started closing down, though not all. I headed to Botswana to strengthen pastoral leaders and evangelize opinion leaders, where about 10 of the 63 present embraced the Savior. That Sunday I preached at a thriving church whose pastor attended the 2008 Dallas Global Proclamation Academy. He also started a political party and served as a Member of Parliament—pastoral health affects church health and church health affects societal health.

Soon we heard that the transit nation of South Africa would close its borders to non-citizens. I canceled my trip to Lesotho and wait for an “impossible” seat to open to the U.S. Today, we are all dealing with alternate realities, with no place of safety except the arms of Jesus, mostly felt through the encouragement of His children—you!

Last night, I finished my 14-day, twice a day temperature-taking since returning. I am grateful that every reading was sub-normal. Though not fearful, I was careful.

Thank you for praying for this global ministry to deliver spiritual health during times of physical sickness. Critical decisions are being made as I write. I covet every possible expression of support. Thank you!

Received: April 29, 2021

Praying in place | April 5, 2020

Dear praying friends,

You are invited to join a 30-minute virtual prayer call with Dr. Ramesh Richard each Sunday in April at 9 p.m. U.S. Central (Daylight) Time. Let us know you are interested and we will send details.

In brief:

Praise God for new opportunities to care for others and invite them to know Him personally.

Pray that Dr. Richard’s LifeRocks outreach videos and podcasts will reach and help many.

Ask God to comfort those pastors who had planned to attend the 2020 Dallas Global Proclamation Academy.

Pray for Dallas and national GProAcademy graduates around the world as they serve amid this crisis.

Please ask God for discernment and favor regarding the October Global Proclamation Congress for Trainers of Pastors.

The bigger picture:

Dr. Ramesh Richard is recording short video reflections from his home desk during the local pandemic shelter in place order. Click the image to view some of his Wisdom and Peace Contagion messages for encouragement and perspective.

Our God never changes. We praise Him for that while the world reels. Thank Him for these new opportunities to care for others and introduce them to the only one who can save them. Pray for His enablement to seize this time for the very best of many everywhere.

Pray that new audiences will find and engage with LifeRocks videos and podcasts while people spend more time online. Pray that God will give Dr. Richard and the Media team fresh messages and creative ideas for maximizing this outreach.

Even though we hope to give them a chance to attend in 2021, the pastors accepted to the 2020 Dallas GProAcademy are fighting discouragement and disappointment at its cancellation. Please ask God to sustain them, as well as protect them. (See Dr. Richard’s statement about this here.)

Over 2,100 Dallas and national GProAcademy graduates are proclaiming and living out God’s Word in more than 100 countries around the world during the present crisis. Thank God for them. Pray for His protection and empowerment.

We need wisdom and favor regarding the Global Proclamation Congress for Trainers of Pastors of Latin America & the Caribbean, scheduled for October 2020, the Lord willing. Please ask God’s direction and provision in negotiations with the venue. Pray for solutions that bless everyone involved. Pray that God’s leading will be clear.

Received: April 29, 2021

RREACH April 2020 daily prayer reminders | April 1, 2020


4.1    humility before God, sensitivity to needs and clear direction in all areas

4.2    wisdom to seize the current world situation to further proclaim God's Word

4.3    peace in making decisions with complex and far-reaching consequences

4.4    quality time and focus to produce content for talks, books and articles


4.5       encouragement for those who train pastors

4.6       guidance and protection in planning future national GPAs

4.7       GProCentral colleagues' wisdom and peace as they talk with trainers of pastors during this time

4.8       more pastors to catch the vision of training other pastors


4.9      the right new members to join the staff

4.10    growth in personal relationships with God

4.11    flexibility and creativity to optimize what is happening globally for the Gospel

4.12    Rejoice, our Savior lives!

4.13    aptitude and patience in learning a new workflow process


4.14    wisdom as the team adjusts for current world realities

4.15    interpreters skilled in this niche expertise

4.16    good communication among internationally-based team members

4.17    the right presenters for each session

4.18    excellence in executing every project


4.19    praise for a video editor who has joined the Media team

4.20    fruitful launch of our first podcast series, You 2.0

4.21    many individuals to watch LifeRocks videos while normal life is suspended

4.22    people in unreached areas to hear about the Lord Jesus


4.23    peace amid disappointment for the pastors accepted to attend in 2020

4.24    wisdom as we realign our GPA preparations to focus on 2021

4.25    encouragement and protection for Dallas GPA graduates as they serve around the world

4.26    graduates to remain connected and united


4.27    faithfulness to God's calling

4.28    planning for the public launch of our next 10 years of ministry

4.29    additional countries to host expository preaching trainings

4.30    new ideas for the media outreach team

RREACH April 2020 Daily Prayer Reminders PDF

GPro: Global Proclamation (Commission, Congress, Community, Central)

GProLATAM&CARIB: Global Proclamation Congress for Trainers of Pastors of Latin America & the Caribbean

GPA: Global Proclamation Academy

Received: April 29, 2021

In his words: Ramesh Richard March 2020 update | March 24, 2020

Dear praying friends,

Podcasts! Know what they are? I am becoming convinced that podcasts are better than mere videos in delivering content to more engaged, niche audiences. LifeRocks our podcast has begun. Please pray for deep and wide reach into pre-Christians. You can even sign up by clicking here.

I kept a U.S. oriented speaking itinerary last month. Eighteen men from a rural congregation heard me at a Baptist campsite. Then I spoke at a new congregation of 100+ being established in far North Texas, with all the excitement of a start-up.

Hurried overnight advancement trips to Nashville—15 meetings in 28 hours—and Atlanta—to attend the gala of a sister ministry—were tiring, but tremendous.

Pastoral visits with the two finest preachers in America—one grieving from the loss of his beloved and the other recovering from major surgery—are return expressions of blessed friendships of decades. Oh yes, I should not forget board and staff meetings, which keep ministry mechanisms legal and viable.

GProAcademy Chad in West Africa graduated 25 young pastoral leaders of whom 19 had malaria while going through the program. A global mobilization team is working on bringing the right 500 to the October GProCongress Latin America and the Caribbean. Please pray for their reach into candidates with thousands of phone calls and messages. Also, the June 2020 Dallas GProAcademy is looking for U.S. visas for 25 younger pastoral leaders. We have 10 more to go. The situation is formidable. Please pray.

My greatest joy last month was the launch of a monthly prayer video conference call. You can join from any part of the world for a fast 30 minutes of guided prayer for this ministry. Will you join us?  Thanks for not letting us run out of fuel by your prayers. I especially need them as we make major decisions in the coming weeks for the rest of 2020.

Received: April 29, 2021

Join our prayer call today, March 20, 2020

Greetings, dear Prayer Supporters!

I would like to invite you to participate in RREACH’s virtual prayer gathering this Thursday, March 19, at 8 p.m. U.S. Central Daylight Savings Time.

During the 30-minute call, we will share updates and pray over the ministry. You will be able to connect either through a video conference or by audio only.

All you need to do is click on this link, RREACH: Pray with Us, and sign up. You will then receive instructions how to connect to the call, as well as reminders of the call.

Your prayer support has meant more than we can say and, the Lord willing, we look forward to praying together with you.

Received: April 29, 2021

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