Project Description

Ramesh Richard

April 2020

The speed and the spread of the gloom and doom has been unexpected, yes, unnerving. A plane-load of humans has crash-landed into a cold, scary river of the global pandemic crisis. The minds and mouths of world leaders are rightly preoccupied with rescue options. Except they are inside the plane with the rest of us!

Walking up and down the aisles of humanity, I am finding that people in first-class and coach, cockpit and crew, are increasingly willing to contemplate the possibility of spiritual solutions at this time of unprecedented personal, national, global danger.

The global crisis reminds me of Queen Esther’s time, for her people across the vast Persian empire were facing unexpected gloom and unnerving doom. How would she act?

When I once shared about our strategic initiatives during crises, a thoughtful friend boldly wrote, “It’s Esther Time for Ramesh and RREACH.”

Three things from Esther’s story remind me of how God works through us.

  1. Her elevation to a position of influence didn’t come through human ingenuity. We have very little to do in becoming influencers. He raises us to roles and a range of risky responsibilities.
  2. This position called for her to act quickly and courageously within a short window of opportunity. I too would like to match the speed and the spread of the pandemic crisis with the speed and the spread of the good news of salvation airplane-wide, i.e., planet-wide. Please pray for me.
  3. Her God-appointed role to rescue her people from the looming disaster couldn’t have been more critical and necessary. God has apportioned to each of us a discrete portion of His strategic agenda which we must serve well.

I do feel Esther’s tensions in fulfilling the question that Mordecai asked in Esther 4:14, “Who knows, perhaps you have been elevated to this position for such a time as this?” That question removes and balances inclinations to presumption or skepticism. Esther’s time, place and role called for wisdom-filled decisiveness, courage-filled risk and prayer-filled action. And as she stepped up to her role, she found that God had already been involved in the situation.

Like Esther, I am willing to “step up” with trust in God for His unique role for me at this time and place. And “if I perish, I perish” (4:16). I want to enhance the speed of the spread of the God’s Word of rescue and salvation, even as God’s people experienced during Esther’s time.

“It’s Esther-time” for God’s servants in the foreseeable future. We need to experience God’s unfolding direction, comprehensive provision, gentle correction and total protection over the next years.

And all believers can play Mordecai’s role—wisely watching over common danger and inspiring servant-leaders to prayer-filled action. Together, we will then become proof of the invisible, reliable providence of God.

Actually, “It’s Esther Time” for all of us.