Identity Check

    In the first of three connected Bible Reading Plans, Dr. Ramesh Richard offers spiritual insights on how adversity and disruption provide an "Identity Check" for believers. In any circumstance, a Christian’s self-view depends on a better identity source—an ultimate one. The Triune God grants value and provides identity for the believer-follow of Christ. [...]


    Maturity Check

    In the second installment of a three-part series, Dr. Richard offers encouragement in how the Trinitarian Faith helps us cultivate spiritual maturity through troublesome circumstances. A maturing Christian life lives to the glory of the Father, in the name of Son, and by the power of the Holy Spirit. This plan discusses how this [...]


    Security Check

    In this final installment, Dr. Richard discusses the final “check” that adversity and disruption brings to our existence —a "Security Check." This plan considers ways in which the Trinitarian Faith guarantees true and real security for the Christ-believer.