Welcome to Welling for your spiritual health and growth. Well, how are you? When people ask me that question, I try to discern if they are just sending me a perfunctory greeting or making a deep inquiry. On a bland level, it is greeting that we use everywhere with anybody at any time.

But when a person asks how are you doing, the answer to it is not just good. That is not only poor grammar. That’s not the question. It probably requires an answer like well. That’s the topic that I want to pursue for the next several messages to you– not simply an informal greeting. I’m asking about, deep inside, how are you doing?

I know that this world has been unwell for several years now. The world is unwell. Our souls are unwell. Our communities are unwell. We are significantly crippled and crushed. The supply chain of wellness is broken not only in terms of chips and cars and computers and clothes, but internally as well.

And we notice that our world has been fundamentally altered. Business is altered. Government has changed. Transportation is challenging. Education especially, the industry in which I serve, has gone through massive shifts. And so I want to ask you, how are you?

I wish we can predict the future. I wish we can say all the waves of the pandemic are gone or systemically become endemic. But the complications still continue. The oppositions are still felt. The vacillation is our experience. Circumstances don’t comply. We are uncertain.

The isolation has been so daunting, not being with each other face to face, the involuntary aloneness, detachment, especially if you’re a leader. And what about dislocation? A normal course of life has been disrupted. There is no equilibrium of mood or mind. Our world is unwell, and we are unwell. Our souls need to become well again.

Every year has been a challenging year. More recently, we thought every year, we were changing the page, turning the corner. But each one of these years has highlighted what you and I feel– the mental health challenges, the depression challenges, the resignation challenges, even of young people, where the increase of suicides between ages 18 to 45 just multiplied. And for leaders who have gone through a malaise, they don’t know where they’re going. They don’t know where they’re taking their businesses, their companies, whether they don’t have the drive to help move things forward.

If that is your spiritual situation right now, your internal situation right now, over the next few times, I want to speak on well. The answer to how are you doing may be, on the superficial level, good. But on the deep level, I want you to be able to say, well.

Last night, I was on a phone call with a leader from Canada. At the end of our 30 minutes, we were discussing things that he had gone through and I was going through. He said, Ramesh, how are things going on the inside? How are things going on the inside?

And I said to him, I don’t know how to explain it. Maybe it is just naivete. But I sense a supernatural peace in the middle of the circumstance and the situation in which I find myself. If that is not your experience, I would like to speak with you about restoration of soul, that you will be well.