Christmas 2022 Edition

Christmas 2022 Edition

How would God have us celebrate Christmas? In this new series of devotionals, Dr. Richard shares short reflections on three famous Christmas songs sourced in Scripture. These original carols, taken from the account in Luke's Gospel, capture the meaning and mystery of Christmas and invite us to consider how Christmas is the hope for the nations.

A World Crying for Peace (Welling: Christmas 2022 Edition, E02, 10:10)

2022-12-16T05:31:42+00:00December 16, 2022|

Over this Christmas, I present to you from the first couple of chapters of the book of Luke of maximizing the meaning of Christmas by missionizing the mystery of Christmas, maximizing the meaning by missionizing the mystery. Christmas is a mystery, that God became man.  A.W. Tozer used to say that the distance between [...]

Christmas Mystery (Welling: Christmas 2022 Edition, E01, 9:58)

2022-12-05T10:53:38+00:00December 5, 2022|

Cartoon Christmas. I've seen cartoons from various parts of the world become the highlight feature, the central figure of Christmas during Christmastime, whether in the Philippines during the Ber months, the Philippines, they start Christmas early and it's glorious, all over the big city of Manila and other parts of the country. September, October, [...]

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